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  1. Miele W3740 Vs W4144 Wps

    I urgently need a new washing machine. In the past I have only spent about £350 on one so spending £700-£800 I really dont want to make a mistake, especially as its going to last me 20 yrs (hopefully). These two models seem to have very similar features the only difference being the brushless silent professional motor on the W4144 and the waterproof system (which you explained about on a previous post). The noise of the machine isn't an issue to me as it will be located away from the main living area of the house. My question really is about the motor being brushless. Is this much better? In the past had a costly experience with a hoover washing machine (only lasted about 3-4yrs) with very light wash load, where I was charged £100 to change brushes which didnt solve the problem and I ended up buying a new machine. I like the look of the W4144 better than the traditional W3740 but the machine will have to fit under a work surface (I actually like the look of the W1714 best but that only comes with a 5 yr guarantee). When it comes down to cost I dont seem to be able to find the W3740 on a link through your website and to buy it instore locally its £800 compared to the online price of the W4144 of £723. However, not sure that I can wait for online delivery times. One other option is the W3240 (which I believe is discontinued) and I can buy that for £700 and have it delivered today if I want. Any advise you can give that can help me make the right choice is much appreciated. Thanks for a great site if only it had existed years ago!!