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  1. Zanussi Washing Machines

    Hi was dithering on Zanussi 1200 or 1400 spin. The decision was taken from me - John Lewis were out of stock of the 1200 and I had no washing machine so couldn't wait til they had more in. I am very pleased with the machine so far. Also with John Lewis - the site said you would hear within 1 week for delivery date - I ordered the machine late at night on one day and had a call to say the when the machine would be delivered the very next day. Also it said delivery within 14 days - I had to wait just over a week. The time slot was 8am-1pm, unfortunatley I was one of the last and it arrived at noon. However the men were very good at delivering it into my kitchen and even gave me a quick chat about unpacking and plumbing. My father came and plumbed it in and within the hour I had a machine again. As to the machine I have been busy testing all the different programmes - and tested the timer, having economy 7 electricity the timer facility was important to me. All worked well. It is a very easy machine to use and doesn't take long to think about the best programmes for you - it has half load, daily load and a quick wash - all handy for me as well as the longer 40/60 degree washes. So thanks Andy for this site and your advice in helping me decide on which machine and which company to buy from.
  2. I have used liquid for years and find its ok - I tend to go for whatevers on offer at Asda, my local supermarket. Asda's own brand - bio and colour seem fine and are alot cheaper than the others and I can't say I've noticed any difference with the cleaning. Using Persil at the moment, because it was on offer, but can't say I've noticed any difference in results. Compared to the cheaper Asda ones. Tried 2 in 1 (as the advert says - save money) but prefer to use fabric conditioner, can't say I was impressed with the softness from a 2 in 1.