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  1. Aeg L86810

    It's quieter than even the first repair made it.....!! The cat is no longer a stranger to the kitchen
  2. Aeg L86810

    Hello again washerhelp....well its been about 12 weeks since the "fix" during this time it started rattling badly on spin cycles again, I contacted the repair agents who came out last Saturday and found that the side support rods had not been fitted correctly on one side and had worked loose. It is now fixed again and I cannot believe the difference....the machine is now super quiet when spinning a full load. Hopefully that will be the last time it needs attention. I just wish the machine had been like this from day one!
  3. Pour 2 capfuls of fabric conditioner (hair conditioner works too) into a jug, mix with water and pour into the machine via the drawer....the suds should clear instantly, you may need more or less conditioner depending on how much detergent you used.
  4. Aeg L86810

    UPDATE AEG sent an engineer today to fit the modifications (side panel strengthening bars and new suspension pins) Took about 15 minutes to fit. Did a wash after the engineer left and can honestly say its like a different machine, whisper quiet and rock solid on even a fully loaded 1600 spin, no more vibration or banging noises. All things considered, AEG have been excellent in their handling of the issue. I also received a call from AEG Customer Relations this afternoon asking if I was happy with the modification and offering £70 as a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience. It is rare these days to find a company offering such outstanding after sales. OK there may have been a few hiccups along the way, but the end result is fantastic. Well done AEG!! Thank you also for your assistance, Washerhelp. Hope the move to the new server is trouble free from now on!
  5. Aeg L86810

    Thanks washerhelp, AEG have been fantastic. I have been put in touch with the UK tech specialist who asked for a recording of the sound which he listened to and then sent it to the factory who also listened to it. They have admitted that there is an issue and are designing a fix which will strengthen the side panels with rods and new suspension pins. These will take a month to prepare and ship to the engineer who will then come and fit them. They have included me in the whole process which has been interesting, and I have learnt a fair bit about design and manufacture of these machines. I realise that the retailer is responsible but AEG requested I let them deal with it and have always said that at any stage I decide enough is enough they will authorise the retailer to uplif the machine and refund me in full, they even went as far as to say that I would be able to order a new machine before they uplifted the old one so I would not be left without a washing machine. I am well impressed with AEG. So much so that I really dont mind putting up with the noisy spin until the fix as I know either way I'm not going to be left high and dry.....find me a manufacturer that offers such levels of service these days! I will of course update once the fix is in place.
  6. Aeg L86810

    The replacement machine arrived today, I was pushing it into place when I heard a loud crack, pulled the machine out to find the self levelling foot is only held in place by a plastic nut which had broken, the machine is now unstable, I cannot use it and theres a pile of washing waiting! I called AEG who were totally unhelpful, she refused to give her name, refused to let me speak to a team leader and then hung up on me saying that I was not listening to her (she was refusing to let me speak to a team leader, I kept asking for one!) I am absolutely furious and I cannot believe that a company like AEG do not appear to be able to supply a well made machine. They said that they have recently moved production from Germany to Italy, and I think it shows in the build quality!! I'm now looking at another day off work to wait in between 9-5, then I will have to wait for the refund so that I can go and buy another machine!
  7. I prefer powder, liquids do not seem to cut the mustard on stains. I can't be faffed with tablets of any description. Powders I like are Persil Colour, and for whites it has to be Daz. I primarily choose powders on smell. Persil Colour has a great fresh smell and Daz reminds me of "Tide" (a brand in the USA) If I have to use a liquid then its the liquid version of Persil Colour, and Daz liquid for whites. Powder amounts can be easily adjusted to suit the load, you don't need any devices or contraptions to dispense it, there are no fiddly plastic wrappers and wash for wash they clean your clothes better (I think) than liquids or tablets. I can also stamp on the box when its finished and shove it in the cardboard recycling.
  8. Aeg L86810

    Yes, its really that bad! So bad infact that my cat is terrified to some into the kitchen now since it heard the thing on spin. I am really annoyed that the machine has proven to be so flimsy. And although AEG have been very good they seem to be very muddled about what this machine should and should not have inside in terms of insulation etc. I am really disappointed as the AEG was really the only machine I wanted. I'm really not that keen on Miele due to the way the door opens and the lack of features on their entry level machines. Who would have thought buying a washing machine would prove so complex lol....
  9. Aeg L86810

    After much deliberation, I took delivery of the AEG L86810. Its fine on washing, but when it reaches spin any good things I say about it go right out the window! This beast is NOISY....the sides of it vibrate so much you would think someone was in it with a pneumatic drill! I tried levelling it to no avail. It has a "sprung floating foot" at the back left corner which AEG claim makes the machine "as steady as a rock" I actually think it makes the machine really unstable as the thing vibrates so badly. I ended up calling out an angineer who looked at it, he could see nothing wrong except that he def did not like this floating foot concept. His opinion was the side panels were too thin thus creating a perfect environment for vibration to get out of hand. I was washing full loads so its not like it was imbalanced when it was spinning! He advised me to call AEG and the retailer to let them know I was unhappy. When I called AEG I pointed out that their sales literature online speaks of AEG's super quiet machines, naming their "all round noise insualtion" except that there is no insulation inside the machine! Even the Technical people at AEG tried to say that they have recently moved their producation from Nuremberg to Italy and they thought that the Italian factory may not have built the machine properly as it should have insulation inside, then they backtracked and said that infact there was supposed to be no insualtion panels inside this machine (despite what their website claims!) They offered me an exchange for their top of the range machine, only to then backtrack on that as well as it was now a discontinued model and its replacement was not in producation yet. I also noticed that the entire bottom of the machine is open, thus any insualtion would really be useless and there is no panel on the bottom of the machine to help keep any noise inside! I have to say that AEG have been really good, keeping in regular contact, offering the superior machine etc. BUT I am still left really disappointed that something I thought would be really good quality turns out to be like all the rest (bar Miele) AEG are offering to exchange it for the same machine, and if that is the same, they will exchange it for a higher spin speed but smaller drum model or refund my money. I actually like the look of the machine and the only reason I did not but a Miele was that I do not like the new design, and the door opens the "wrong" way to other machines which would make things awkward due to where the machine would be in my home. I really do not know what to do!
  10. Buying Advice For Aeg Machine

    Hi, thanks again for your information and advice. I finally opted for the AEG L86810. I was going to order from Currys as I get an NHS employee discount of 5% but they are out of stock of the AEG now also. I found a website www.kitchenscience.co.uk who had the same price as Currys (£489) , with free delivery. I saw that they had a price promise so I chanced my arm and gave them a call to see if they would consider giving me a similar discount. They agreed, and reduced the price by over 10%. So I am well chuffed! £444, free delivery next wednesday, 5year parts and labour warranty included in the price! Once again, thanks for your excellent advice! Keep up the good work!
  11. Bosch Build Quality

    Hi Chris I wouldn't go for the Bosch, my mother just got one and she is convinced her old Zanussi was far better at washing AND spinning (Old Zanussi 1000rpm spin New Bosch 1400rpm spin) All things considered, in your case I would opt for the John Lewis one, as it is really a Zanussi/AEG in disguise (The Customer Service team at John Lewis told me that John lewis machines had Zanussi and AEG parts inside them and were built to John Lewis specification which will be high quality). JL must consider them to be good as they are backing them up with their 3yr warranty, and I believe you can extend that to 5yrs for a mere £70 extra should you wish to. John Lewis are reknowned for their Customer Service and After Sales care so you should be alright. Hope this helps
  12. Buying Advice For Aeg Machine

    Wow, you really are a credit to your Industry! What a comprehensive and brilliant reply! Well, I think you are right, I had not seen the web exsclusive price on the Miele....and as an NHS Employee I receive a further 5% Dsicount. So that makes the Miele even cheaper than the "All singing all dancing AEG" Aesthetically, I prefer the AEG, feature wise, I prefer the AEG...build quality of the AEG probably cannot hold a candle to that of the Miele, so I will prob err on the side of price and go with the cheapest which is now the Miele. (I will probably never use 95% of the features of the AEG) The only thing that causes me some concern is the longer free Guarantee with the AEG......I tend not to have much luck with electrical purchases so am worried that I may be hit with a big repair bill should the Miele go wrong after the standard 1 yr offered by Miele. Also, the Miele is a bit of an "Ugly Duckling" lol. All things considered......I'm still not sure! PS I only do 2 loads a weeks because I'm bad for stuffing the machine full to the gunnels, and then some! so a 7kg machone might be quite useful lol Edit: The Miele is unavailable due to "high demand"....oh well
  13. Hi there, Great site, have found it very useful! I am currently looking at an AEG L86810, which comes with a free 5yr parts and labour warranty from AEG. I have managed to get the price down to the £460 mark (inc free delivery) I cannot find this machine cheaper anywhere else. I really had wanted to go for a Miele machine. My max budget is £500. I think that this top of the range AEG machine, coupled with the free warranty is a steal at the price I have managed to negotiate, BUT I am wondering if I should still be erring towards a Miele machine? I'm a single lad, and only do a couple of washes a week. But I do like to try and get the best equipment for my budget. The Miele machines only come with a 2/3 year Guarantee though, and don't have as many features as the AEG model. I also use a condenser dryer so the AEG 1600 spin might save a little time and money compared to the Miele 1200 spin, I think? Any thoughts/ideas/opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Bosch Build Quality

    Thanks for the info (esp the money off at JL!) I found out that newer Miele machines need an electricity supply to open the door, hence the doors are well and truly sealed shut in the showroom (The store staff prob don't realise this) apparantly there is a tool built into the drain pump door that you can use to manually release the door but I'm not sure Currys n Comet staff would be too pleased if I started to tinker with their display models I would go to a local Independent (If we had one up here in the frozen North!) cheers folks
  15. Drum Bearings Gone

    The entry level Zanussi washers (Essential Range) do not have Jetsystem, they utilise "Aquacycle" which scoops water with the paddles inside the drum and drops it on the washing as it goes round, only the middle and upper ranges of Zanussi (Progress and Timeline ranges I believe) have the Jetsystem (Which Zanussi now call New Jetsystem) My mate bought one with the New Jetsystem which is now built into the upper part of the rubber door seal. Apart from catching your hands and your laundry on it when loading and emptying the machine, its sprays water onto the clothes and down the door glass so you hear the water constantly hitting the glass during the wash which can get annoying. Also its a powerful spray and it caused the door on the machine to leak during the first use (which was sorted quite quickly by serviceforce who said this was becoming quite common)