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  1. Plumbing In Siemens

    Finally, I can post to say the problem is sorted out! I did need a plumber to come around, he thought that the setup was great, and just tightened the fittings with a plumber's spanner. He made the recommendation that handtight is best for plastic fittings, whilst for metal fittings tool tight is best. Not sure how true that is but - voila! The leaks have stopped. (Luckily he didn't charge me much to sort it out either, there are some lovely people in the world!) Thanks for all your help and happy washerhelp forum-ing! V
  2. Plumbing In Siemens

    Hi there and thanks once again for the advice. Well, what a week! After a visit to three diy stores and two plumbers merchants, managed to get a metal extension hose, with 3/4 fitting on one side, and a larger fitting on the other, with an adaptor to get it to the right size. Great news! However, having screwed it in well by hand and used some of that white sealing tape, the fitting is leaking ever so slightly. Have tried tightening it further, but water is definitely forming, and on both sides of the fitting. Can still use the machine, just have to have a bucket under one side and a towel around the other, and turn the tap off when not in use - so not ideal, will need fixing soon. Is it time to call in the professionals, or is there any advice on what may be able to do myself to fix this problem?
  3. Plumbing In Siemens

    Thanks for the advice. I'll be able to make it to a plumber's merchant on saturday so will post an update next week to let you know if my washing machine is (finally) up and running! Thanks once again.
  4. Plumbing In Siemens

    Hi there and thanks for your reply. I'm a little confused - I did read your post and the plumbing in guides before posting but thought andy's reply related to turning the taps on ie moving the plastic handle by 90 degrees. I need to know how I can change the angle of the cold water fill tap so it either faces downwards or 90 degrees to be compatible with my new siemens washing machine. Can I just bend the tap by 90 degrees then? Or is there an adaptor I can use easily? Or maybe someone has one of these siemens and knows that you can plumb it in fine even with the tap facing upwards, despite what the manual says? Any advice is more than welcome!
  5. Hi there, I hope somone can help. I bought a siemens washing machine heavily discounted in the john lewis clearance on boxing day. Now its arrived, I can't work out how to plumb it in! It is a cold water fill only, and has an aquafill fitting. The manual says that it should be fitted to a cold water tap facing downwards, or at most at a 90 degree angle. However, my taps are standard and face upwards! Is this a pretty easy thing to fix? Is there an adaptor, or can I just plumb it in as it is? Thanks so much for any advice. I'm a single parent, so if its easy to fix without the cost of a plumber I'd really appreciate the help.