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  1. W980 Any Others Out There?

    Thanks for that, I think I might well take that route, as at the moment despite the blacklisting his negative behaviour is still being financially rewarded. Will let you know what transpires .
  2. W980 Any Others Out There?

    Some of you may have followed my postings to the forum regarding problems I had last month with dubious so called engineer. The results of many phone calls and much letter writing is mixed : two stiff letters sent with help from this site and the goverment consumer rights site. The individual in question has not responded to any email, phone calls or letters and may have gone to ground. So I am still no nearer getting my £40 back. The upsideis that this person has been removed from the UKWG and ISE sites on a permanent basis. The machine was fixed by Miele in the end and I'm very pleased with the results. Help from UKWG has been fantastic (they reffered this chap).
  3. Wash Times Too Long?

    My 10 -11 year old Miele w980 takes several different times for a 40 cotton wash 30 mins on the quickwash setting 1.57 mins on a full 1.10 mins with the short button selected and 55 mins when started off at the 1.57 and the novatronic wow gizmo sensors decide that the wash isnt dirt of full enough to warrent the full 1.57. (if it has flipped over to 55 mins but I want it to do the whole 1.57 I just repressthe on/off button) All of the above on 1600 rpmdefault unless changed
  4. Do I Need Calgon?

    Hi Richard I live in North Norfolk and according to the recent test I did the water here was the highest on the hardness scale. (it was a paper strip test similar to ones used to test blood sugar levels). I've never used calgon because of the high cost but have been using Tesco's own limescale prevention tablets whic are a fraction of the cost. They used to be £2.95 for 30 they have now come down to £2.35 for 30. It does seem to make a difference in thatbefore without anything using the recommended amount of detergent would show no signs of suds at all. Hope this helps. I had been think of getting a water softner but for the moment due to lack of funds I'll be sticking to the tesco's limescale tabs .
  5. Extra Programmes

    A while ago I posted that I was having problems with my 11 year old MieleW980 washing machine. While waiting for the lovely man from Miele who sorted everything outfor me I decided to re read the instruction manual. I have discovered that pressing several buttons at once I can access programme features additional to the ones shown on the no nonsense dial. I have now programmed the machine to start by flushing both of the draws in the powder tray. This has been very useful as we live in an extremely hard hardwater area. I now put some powder and a small amount of soda in the prewash tray (which flushes first) and thenput the rest of the powder and a limescale prevention tablet in the second compartment, which flushes a fraction of a second later. The results have meant a much cleaner detergent tray. I have to say that loathe to admit it , it proves "him indoors" right; he always says that one of the main rules in life is RTFM (as in Read the F******* Manual). So Iam feeling bit sheepish for possibly not having RTFM to its entirety. On reflection it would have been good if the existance of additional progs was pointed out when choosing the machine.
  6. Differing Spin Speeds Across Models?

    I know the W980 is no longer made , mines getting on for 11 year old. I think the 1600 spin is great andwould go for the same or higher in the future. leaves the 1200 spin on partners zanussi standing. Anybody got one of the 1800 HC models ?
  7. W980 Any Others Out There?

    Its now late Thurday night and I've checked that the letter has been recieved, it has. I also sent an email copy ofthe same letter. I think I may have hit a dead end and this chap may have gone to ground as there has been no reponse as yet. I will give him a full seven days ,incase he's been caught up in the bad weather etc. UKWG have not had anyresponse as yet either .....
  8. Can be useful place to recycle unwanted items http://uk.freecycle.org/
  9. W980 Any Others Out There?

    I heard from UK White Goods today they have suspended this bloke from there list pending investigation. Sent a letter quoting breech of contact as per "Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982" today via signed for post. Hoping this will do the trick re refund. Very impressed that UWG have been keen to sort this out, good to know he won't be ripping off someone else. Will update as and when. The W980 is now using less water and back to the almost silence of when new.
  10. Registration Of 10 Year Warranties?

    What model did you go for in the end and what do think of it ?
  11. Limescale ?

    It was near enough £93 pounds because I paid by card when I booked the appointment. The fee includes ahours labour. Given that thats the first work I've had done on my machine in 11 years I can't complain. Now that work has been done machine is using less water and almost silent again. It wasn't just a case of removing the pressure chamber and cleaning out he had to then recalibrate the machine with the laptop.
  12. W980 Any Others Out There?

    UKW are chasing things up as we speak, their level of customer service has be fab, very polite very helpful and have asked to be kept uptodate with all events. I have been to Consumer protection gov.uk and they have taken the details of the first guyand given the frame work of a letter to send him, very helpful. Its such a shame that some one can give independant repairers a bad name. I've never had this kind of problem before, I've used independant people in the past for washing machine and fridge/freezer repairs and things have been great. I think the thing I've learned is that with something som sophistcated as a Miele it wasn't worth trying to save money by not using the manufacturers engineers. Another thing I was very impressed by with Miele was the fact that had I had to have a new main board they would have do a part exchange on the old one and saved a fair few quid ! Thanks for the tip on service wash etc. Heres to another ten years plus with this machine.
  13. Limescale ?

    Miele man has just been and worked his magic, luckily it wasn't anything disaterous; just a pressure chamber blocked solid with limescale. I had a look at the Anglian Water site the other day and it giveswater condition by each section or water sub area. The rating for the Fakenham area was very high. Going to use descaler once a month on the washing machine since I do anything between 8 and 20 loads a week.
  14. W980 Any Others Out There?

    Having had the man from Miele here working its very clear thet the independant guy who came on Monday didnt know what he was doing , he was going to charge me for a new main board and possibly a motor. God only knows what he would have done with them asI'm now not sure he if he actually has the laptop and software etc to recalibratethe machine. Going to be contacting him in the morning to ask for my £40 quid back. Also going to update UK white goods as to how ill equipped he was. Just wish he had been honest.
  15. W980 Any Others Out There?

    The Miele repair came to visit this afternoon. Wow He arrived with the laptop gizmo and got straight to work. After I expalined the problem, he said is the pressure chamber/bag is probably blocked. He took the afore said part out and its was stuffed to the gunnels with limescale. Absolutely packed solid. I took the bunged up part away to photograph it. By the time I got back he'd cleared the machine out and recalibrated with the laptop. So nothing needed replacing, just a clean and a reset. Everything was done in under an hour, so everything has been coveredin the £92 fee. Im a very happy bunny glad to have the machine back again. The engineer recommended the descaler that can be bought from direct Miele. They recommend you use it on an :0empty 95c wash once a month. Think I'm going to give it ago or certainly up using on of the other descalers more often. I think the £92 fee was worth every penny.