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  1. Small Holes In Clothes After Wash

    Have you tried to see if the store will refund or replace as I believe your problem under 'sale of goods' is with the store not themanufacturer and they are sympathetic. Adverse publicity usually works and I can remenber trying to reason with a store for several weeks and they would not do anything but 2 mins on local radio consumer program and was replaced within the day. Same can be said of threatening to write to consumer or 'woman's weekly' magazines etc nobody wants their product dragged through the mud. i use the term 'womans weekly' not in a derogatory sense but it does work.
  2. No One Else Considering Neff?

    Am sure someone out there can correct me but when we were looking for cooker/fridge etc Bosch, Siemens and Neff we were told they are all produced by the same company though not sure which order they came for quality
  3. Spin Speeds

    Not quite answering your question but we all probably use our machines in that way as the maximum spin speed may not be an available option on the programs we use most. Our machine is 1400 max but only available on cotton or express wash the regularly used programs are 1200 or less.
  4. Help! Which One Shall I Buy?

    We had similar experiences 10yrs ago and would not go back to a washer/dryer unless it was completely unavoidable. In the end we gave up on the dryer side after very few uses. The points made on the main site cannot be emphasised too strongly. The max wash load needs to be halved to dry effectively so you need more time per load. We could not access the drying cycle until it had finished completely or gone through the cool down process otherwise the drier temperature cut out would be activated and it was no easy job to re set it. Luckily we did not dispose of our old Servis dryer and it is still going strong after almost 25 years continuous use. Having bought a Miele 3240 earlier in the year with a 10 year warranty we cannot fault it. Most washes complete in about 70 mins, the only sound is the water sloshing around. It does not have a lot of extras (no timer delay) but unless you actually need them most of the additional features you pay for are rarely if at all used they just look and sound good in the brochure.
  5. Washer Moves Too Much On Spin

    Is the machine fitted with adjustable legs, has the lock arrangement come loose which will start to loosen even more when the vibration starts.
  6. Bosch Wff 1201

    assuming its a hot and cold fill might be worth checking that the taps are fitted correctly or the taps themselves are not the wrong way around. i.e. your hot tap is actually connected to cold supply.
  7. Water Consumption

    I have looked in handbook for our machine and it quotes between 40 and 70 litres for the various washes, the delicate wash is 69 litres so as you say if you are reading your meter correctly your machine is normal. From the Miele web site you can download pdf of each machine and consumption data is provided there for the various washes. We have been on a meter for about 15 years so the shock has worn off but most opinion is that unless you are single or a couple, families suffer badly on meter compared to the old method of billing. Have you compared meter reading over night or when nothing (you know of) is being used? I don’t know what the chances of having a faulty meter are but if you are seriously adrift in consumption it could be worth checking. Similarly read meter and measure out 50 or 100 litres from a tap and see what the new meter reading is and how it compares. (Of course you now have to use the measure out water in an environmental fashion, save the planet etc.)
  8. Water Consumption

    When you look at older machines in action the water level is about half way up the door whilst most modern machines leave you wondering is there actually any water inside at all. We had a Zanussi over 10yrs ago that when the machine pumped out it did not fill a 2 gallon bucket from just the wash cycle so I don’t think our new machine can save significantly on that. You don’t say how the water level appears in your machine but you would have to go back along way to find machines that were using almost a quarter of a tonne during a complete cycle. It is surprising how much water is wasted (if you have a conventional hot water cylinder) just waiting for hot water to reach the tap you are using. Now water is metered the water companies are not bothered if you waste any as it has passed through the meter and are now paying for it. An example of this is modern toilets with no overflow to the outside so you don’t see any wastage instead it just overflows into the bowl and probably not noticed. I would be tempted to look hard at other usage around the house for leakage between meter and house before your machine is blamed.
  9. Miele W3364wps

    The following was posted by Andy elsewhere on the site, presume it still stands "I have it on good authority that the promotion will be extended from 1 March - 31 May 2007. It will also be on all W4000 series models too. All other models in the range, including dryers, will have 5 year guarantees during that period." I also e mailed Miele customer services when it was possible our machine would not be delivered till March and am sure they said as long as it was ordered before 28th Feb then it qualified for 10 yr warranty. Download the warranty claim form from Miele web site and it states purchases up to 28th Feb, if the delivery of your machine is delayed you should submit your claim anyway. Do Dixons honour the price they are advertising at the moment if you have to wait till March but will you have to pay in advance to get it and Feb date for warranty, do they have stock available for delivery to other areas but not yours as my post code test showed.
  10. Miele W3364wps

    Seems the Dixon post code lottery is still on, I tried what I did at the beginning of Feb in a reply to s express and machines are still not available for HU post code but are for Sheffield 60 miles away. Was trying to buy television from Dixons and discount code from another site would not work so rang customer services and was told only codes from their site work. Saying that I tried the link from washer help to Dixons and put in discount code and it worked. The W 3364 has a few extra goodies compared to the W 3240 timer delay, faster top spin speed and better sound insulation to name some but then for a few more pounds more goodies and even quieter machine looms over the horizon. We are very satisfied with our W 3240. With 10yr warranty you are looking at ten years piece of mind for £700 compared to 5yrs for around £500 for a mid quality brand. Lies dammed lies and statistics when trying comparisons, we would have bought the ISE machine but was the extra 5yrs that swung it ( I think Miele say the extra 5 yrs is worth over £350).
  11. Do I Need Calgon?

    We use Persil non bio and now follow the instructions to the letter regarding dosage so for a hard water area this is normally three tablets. OK this is now one more than we used before (who reads instructions anyway) and in the opinion of Lever Brothers should give a clean wash and prevent limescale build up. The extra tablet probably equates to buying a water softer but if I use a water softener do I drop back to two or one tablet as the water is now "soft" Either way the cost is probably roughly the same. Personally I will stick with the Persil theory rather than add a softener, will post the results in 10 years time.
  12. Frequency Of 10yr Warranty Offer?

    On many of the comparison sites where customers have posted their reviews of a particular retailer most bad comment seem to be about Item “in stock” money taken and its now not in stock Difficulty in obtaining refund because of the above – obviously they want you to wait till it is available again. Delivery dates being put back because of non availability. Very few complaints are about the product just the service. I don’t know how much profit can be made by holding onto people’s money whilst the product comes into stock but it must reduce the retailer’s borrowing/overdraft. When you make any order it can be worth using the phrase “ I consider time is of the essence and should the order not be filled by xxxxxx I reserved the right to cancel. It should help to get your money back as you have told the retailer the longest you are prepared to wait and they cannot use the excuse to you that the delay is reasonable As with Washerhelp Andy I consider my time to be a valuable commodity and if I remember my old economics correctly it is the ultimate example of opportunity cost. You only have to look at the cost others charge you if you miss an appointment, not in when goods delivered, call out for reason not covered by warranty. I appreciate people require to be paid for their lost time but we as a customer are expected to put up with it.
  13. Purchased Miele W3240

    Having had the machine for a while now I thought it about time we made a posting of how it is performing. I spent a lot of time trying to obtain noise levels of various machines with limited success and thank you to anyone who posted on this site any information. So having been in search of decibels I have to make my posting in adjectives. The machine is easy to operate, just turn the dial (in either direction) to the description of the wash you require. The temperatures available for each wash are passed as the dial is rotated, no need to press another button. Options can be selected should a programme permit by using a combination of three buttons Soak, pre wash, short /Water plus/Spin speed to below that of the maximum of a programme. Even the sound of the dial and buttons been operated is sublime it just seems to ooze quality, not unlike the difference in the sound of a luxury car door closing compare to a normal one. So far we have not used any of the above just selected a programme and “wash and go”. The results have been fine, clothes clean, no marks or traces of detergent. The “automatic” programme is used most and takes 1hr 13mins to complete. Whilst washing the only noise are the clothes sloshing around in the drum. Spinning and pumping seem to be fairly quiet, (certainly quieter than the dishwasher next to it). Most noise on spin is probably caused by the fact the machine is sat on a tiled floor laid on tongue and groove floorboards. Had there been enough space under the worktop I would have used a wooden board to give a more even surface for the machine to stand on. No one as yet has complained about the door opening the “wrong way” and we have put a couple of strategically placed clear plastic stops to prevent the door being opened fully and possibly marking the front over a period of time. To summarise great machine, would recommend it to anyone, similarly local Miele dealer - fantastic.
  14. Frequency Of 10yr Warranty Offer?

    I cannot praise too much the deal and service we received from our local Miele dealer, price matched national department stores sale price, machine delivered 24hrs later and old one removed for free. OK I had to disconnect it and throw it into the garden, couldnt do that with the Miele. Another Local Miele dealer was 15% more on price so could be worth looking around dealers. Currys/Comet were selling at the same price but after phoning their call centre was told that the two machines I wished to view were not on show at any Comet store in the vicinity and we have two very large ones. The W3240 is quiet (only sound on wash is clothes sloshing around). Soon I will post its full virtues.
  15. Frequency Of 10yr Warranty Offer?

    When you select Miele all models appear then as soon as buy is selected for a particular model it asks for your post code, once entered you either get not available or available and continue to basket