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  1. 2 Machines - Both Not Emptying Water

    It's got a year's warranty so I've told her to ring Servis's helpline on tuesday when they open. But I've now been given more tips by a friend who put a Servis machine in a property he rents to students - apparantly if you switch the machine off, move the selector to stop and leave it for half an hour or so, then switch on, the start button should flash, then after 10 mins it stops and it's run a brain reset. Dunno how true it is so should she give that a go too?
  2. 2 Machines - Both Not Emptying Water

    Not the plumbing as the standpipe flows when i put a hose pipe in it. Hose doesn't kink when in place. but it doesn't pump water out - with the machine running I don't hear the pump whirr etc and when i ran it dry the impellor didn't spin. I think we got the lemon!
  3. 2 Machines - Both Not Emptying Water

    transport bolts taken out and in bottom of wheelie bin! And servis not around til tuesday, though the Co-Op have said i can take it back for refund/replacement.
  4. My friend's 18 year old hoover played up the other day - it wouldn't drain or spin. Drain Hose wasn't blocked, filter looked fine and the upstand to the drain wasn't blocked either. It seemed that when the programme timer went to "Spin" it would completely cut out, and let you open the door with a drum full of water! Engineer diagnosed it as the programme dial, and as the machine was so old repair wasn't possible. Eventually (as she's not got much money) she settled on a budget Servis from the local Co-Op store. Plumbed it in, switched it on. Did full wash programme. Then wouldn't drain or spin. A friend of mine thinks she's picked up the lemon in the batch. Any more Ideas? Glen