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  1. Hello, I bought a Ariston A1436 washing machine 1.5 years ago. After I moved house, there's no heat in the wash anymore. I don't know what happened to the machine. We didn't drop it while moving it. We were very careful. My husband tried to open up the machine and check the temperature and spin dials. They seem ok. Another problem is the machine starts leaking even though my husband tried to tighten up the pipe at the back of the machine. The washing machine isn't that old but it seems have a lot of problem after moving. We did put bults on the machine before we moved. I'm still under the free 5 year parts guarantee. I know it'll be more expensive to ask Ariston to come and fix it. I'm wondering if the heating part is quite expensive otherwise I would ask the independent company to fix it. I hope someone can answer my question. Thank you very much. Venus