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  1. I have to say I am losing faith in Miele's guarantee that they will be able to keep machines going for 20 years. Here's my story. In 1994 I bought a Miele washer dryer for £1100, which was used fairly lightly. In 1998 there was a drum problem, so I paid £300 for it to be repaired. This meant a month waiting for an appointment before an engineer could come. When he did arrive he installed the part, but failed to screw it in properly, and the machine nearly exploded when I tried to use it again. I called them again, they came after a few weeks and promised me a new machine if I paid them another £800. I said they must be joking, and refused. Eventually they gave in and said I could have a free replacement if I waited six weeks. As there is no launderette locally, I ended up spending the winter washing clothes and sheets in the bath with my feet, like a peasant crushing grapes, and draping mounds and mounds of wet washing all over the house (the family had expanded since I bought the machine). A new machine was delivered in early 1999. This new machine started to have problems again in 2003-4 as the floor flooded every time I tried to use the drier facility. Miele quoted me a wait of six weeks and a minimum charge of over £100 to come to inspect the machine. I asked a local firm to visit instead, but they said that they didn't touch Miele machines. Another firm agreed to come out to have a look, but were unable to get the drier function working again. They just taped a pipe up so it wouldn't flood in future. The machine now smells of damp despite me using special products to try to clean it out, washes quite poorly and rattles around a great deal, so we are fretting about the bearings now. However we are loath to get Miele back as they are hopeless at repairing things efficiently, and charge an arm and a leg. As we have really looked after the washing machine, this is all very disappointing. Incidentally, we have had a similar story with our £750 Miele fridge freezer, as they did not make a replacement part for the door hinge, so after £300 in visits again we had to scrap an otherwise perfectly good appliance two years on, for the sake of a tiny and very simple part. As I try to be ecologically aware, I find this waste very irritating, quite apart from the expense. I would be interested to read any comments from other Miele owners about similar problems.