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  1. Taking even your higher figure, my water is over 600% harder perhaps that's why detergent doesn't ward off limescale in those circumstances. I'm beginning to think the general guidance of 6 weeks hot wash citric acid may not be enough. Perhaps monthly... will see how it goes. I've calculated the cost of water softners in the past and it's quite expensive (compared to detergent) Also I read Miele specifically don't recommend connecting the washing machine to a water softener.
  2. It is worrying, since armed with knowledge from the original thread, my strategy was to use the correct amount of detergent, Persil Non-Bio in my case, (perhaps Bio fares better). Since the Miele machine uses water conservatively, the standard rinse in certain circumstances doesn't fully rinse out the suds. (we put in a full dose even if washing say a single coat, and I think the machine calculates the water). However this was the price of protection, and I certainly wanted to keep an expensive Miele running for many, many years without limescale problems. Or so I thought. One part that got blocked was the filter, totally jammed. Miele engineer had to force it out, and the filter got replaced with a new one. Engineer was concerned that the machine would be compromised soon and advised using Citric Acid. Used one dose and after a couple of washes, machine wouldn't drain. (excuse my lack of technical knowledge) a round ball valve thing, that got coated in limescale, making it stick, so it wouldn't move into it's other position to drain the water from the machine. Engineer came again, and cleaned this out, and I used more citric acid, about another 3 doses in about 3 weeks to clear the limescale. Used another dose 1st May and the filter housing is squeeky clean, hopefully it will stay that way. /EDIT Here is my hardness level from water board for my postcode mgl CaCO3 (ppm) 326.0 Degrees Clarke 22.8 Degrees German(DH) 18.3 Degrees French 32.6 Detergent rating HARD
  3. This is a continuation of this thread (that topic is now locked) http://www.washerhel.../300-limescale/ Having had my new Miele from about Feb 2007, it got blocked by limescale March 2011 (4 years) So despite using very generous doses of Persil and subsequently Persil concentrated powder (and a hot wash every month as advised in the Miele Manual). It still built up horrendous levels of limescale on predominately 30 degree low temp washes. A Miele engineer had to come out and remove the offending limescale to restore the water flow. He advised using Citric acid every 6 weeks on an empty hot wash. Have used citric acid and it really does remove the limescale from the rubber door ring and filter/housing. The use of citric acid is not mentioned in the 2007 Miele manual and this is probably the most economic solution for owners in hard water areas over Calgon, generous use of detergent. I got a bulk 10kg pack of citric acid off ebay for £30 (much cheaper than Miele branded individual doses http://www.miele.co....x?rdid=&aid=510 £5 for 250g) 10kg works out at 40 doses and at £5 per 250g Miele price, that's £200 worth of citric acid for £30. (or 75p a dose every 6 weeks) So for me, generous use of detergent didn't work with the downside of slightly soapy clothes (from over dosing) and more expensive detergent costs as we were using detergent copiously. Citric acid now allows more normal amounts of detergent, so each box goes a longer way. Citric acid bought in bulk is our new limescale defence. Will report back in a few years
  4. A plastic nut? a metal nut does not cost much more probably 30p more. When you get your refund, I'd perhaps consider another make, as a. the build quality hasn't come up to your expectations b. with another AEG machine, the AEG customer service desk might switch off to any further requests or assistance. Or buy from a customer focused retailer such as John Lewis so you don't have to deal with AEG. as technically speaking a consumer's contract lies with the retailer not the manufacturer. So if your AEG foot broke again, the replacement should come from John Lewis.
  5. Small Claims Court route is £30 (up to £300 claim) http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/infoabo...laims/index.htm if you are relatively confident the Court will rule in your favour, which I think it will as you have other backing and the chappy has been struck of the list. and if you claim back your original loss (£40, and your initial costs £30, and perhaps any other reasonable costs, e.g. phone calls, postage etc) you will see justice done.
  6. I have mentioned some of the tiny niggles, but thought I would summarise them here... (in case Miele are reading) W3240 'design faults' 1. I generally tend to forget to switch off the power after a wash - the Power button needs an LED! or replace it with a non-toggle button so power is timed out after say 30 mins after a wash.... but ha ha I hear you say, you need the power on to open the door, yes you do, but if my £60 VHS tape recorder can power on to eject a tape and then power off after it's ejected the tape, so can a Miele to open the door (might need to be a programmable feature, so user can set) 2. Door needs a built into hinge 'door stop' (as already mentioned to stop it slaming into the front of the machine when opening door, which you can do if you are an excited Miele owner) 3. Cripple mode 'rev limited 900rpm' Automatic wash cycle (general laundry and arguably the most useful) other Mieles have 1200rpm on the same program - there is also no 30 degree option to conserve a little more energy and be a little more environmentally friendly. 4. a much smaller niggle, the conditioner compartment has a flap door which guards against stray washing power entering this area, but there are a couple of finger holes where detergent can fall (if user if a bit clumsy). This flap door could be solid and transparent with a finger overhang or lift instead of holes. 5. There is no handle (to grip, not to open with) or hand recess in the door (reminds me of a bargain basement Citroen AX door. OVER USE, I 'think' the pump has got quieter, and the spinning too! I can't even hear that the Miele as finished it's cycle! Our last Philips would rumble the whole house!! - so if lying on the bed upstairs you would know to come down soon to empty the machine as it was on it's final spin. I hope that has been impartial, and two sided. Would I recommend a W3240... course I would.
  7. I like the new look, if it wasn't for the over heavy 'bezel' of a door I think there is a market for both. the new model 'I think' has a higher port hole for easier loading and unloading (if you look the control panel on the new model is condensed in height utilising the 'worktop' height too - unless it's an optical illusion). Consequently the drainage filter door is mounted slightly higher up too, meaning a deeper container can be put to good use. Doooh... I have to agree with the polishable chrome piece, it's the same as the three pointy star on my car bonnet, and I presume the Flying Lady on a Rolls Royce, you'll just gonna have to polish her However, some new ones do seem to have a metal door as well I guess if you have a girl around and you failed to impress with the audiophile gear, the meal, or the Honda R-Type on the drive.. [ :lol:
  8. Arghhh... I actually go around looking for dirty laundry to do a wash. I was hoping that this 'phase' would wear off. I bought a Miele vacuum cleaner about 2 weeks back, and I've already tired of cleaning the floors. - I've had the washing machine over a month and the urge to wash anything, from small rugs, towels, cloths, coats etc is still there :lol:
  9. I 'think' your machine was reviewed in the latest Which? survey of washing machines. In an older and smaller group test, the two AEG machines (inc smaller cousin 82810) rated 3 stars out of 5 for noise - the same as my Miele on review. Only one machine rated 4 stars and that was another Miele. Noisest was an Indesit WIL144SP with 1 star, two star machines were Gorenje WA61121 (who?), Smeg WMF16AX, Servis M6715, LG WM-14311FD, Samsung J1453S. AEG 'should be' quiet as a Miele, and from my re-collections of reading the latest Which? washing machine test, all AEGs were 3 star rated as were Mieles
  10. Ouch, that does sound noisy from your description. That is a surprise, I did not think anyone would manufacture without a bottom panel. At least AEG are working with you, let us know the outcome
  11. If you haven't already read Washerhelp's article Should I use Calgon anti limescale tablets or other such products? it gives a perspective. I also calculated how much it would be, and it ended up around the same ballpark figure of £70 The Hotpoint machine can cost less than £300 or about £277 from Dixons during their February promotion, which is the same price as using Calgon tablets for 4 years. Ariel has built in softners which work if you use the correct dosage. If the Ariel softeners and limescale protection doesn't work (which I would find pretty slim) assuming limescale death arrives at 4 years on, then it's prudent to replace the Hotpoint with another of the same as a. you replenish the warranty for a year b. it will be (arguably) more reliable than a 4 year old machine. c. it's 'FREE!' - paid for by put aside Calgon costs We didn't use Calgon with our Philips washing machine and that lasted 20 years... It did stop working and I had to remove the filter to clean it out... admittedly it hadn't been cleaned for 10 years!!. I released a load of limescale and other junk which was clogging up the filter, then it worked again!
  12. Ironically the more expensive the item, the likelyhood of me looking at it before purchase diminishes. The house we bought all we saw were the house plans!!! The (only) new car I bought I didn't even see the trim level or the engine I wanted, and certainly didn't have a test drive. I was also contemplating at a later date the then new 320i automatic and no local dealer had it in stock to test drive. Regarding internet shopping I suppose I'm braver than most - with my washing machine purchase I didn't physically look at any washing machines, the same with a wardrobe and chest of draws purchase, computer purchase, digital SLR purchase... I just buy it based on photos.
  13. It's fairly backwards for an e-commerce site to take payment upfront, and any half decent site only takes payment when the goods are shipped. This works via a scanning process, when items are scanned out of the warehouse, that squirts out an email to the customer to say the goods have been dispatched, and it's normally at this point that payment is taken and the 'contract' starts. On larger purchases, some sites may 'ring fence' some funds on your card which means they don't actually take the funds, but kinda pre-authorise it to see if your card can absorb the amount...but when the funds have been ring fenced you can't actually use this amount for other purchases but it doesn't show on your credit card statements as a purchase, until it has physically been debited when the goods are scanned out. Most e-commerce site are as keen as the consumer to take payment only when the goods are shipped because of pricing errors! If they take the money upfront that enforces a contract. However I can imagine there are some smaller dodgey sites that do take payment upfront, and perhaps ship you faulty goods to secure an order. Irritations arise when stock status isn't up to date or availability is set knowingly or unknowingly to an optimistic date. Retailers can only go by what their suppliers tell them. The best customer experience I've had is from Tesco's direct where I ordered a shaver, and waited for about 3 weeks, they sent me a free Kenwood's smoothie machine for free! (which cost more than the shaver) and I ordered a game which didn't arrive after about 3 weeks and they sent me an alternative (more expensive) game absolutely free as well.
  14. In e-commerce, sometimes the order admin department put orders on 'hold' if they think it is a potentially fraudulent transaction. If address details are different or it just looks wrong. By the time they have put it on hold and cleared it, the stock may have been sold. So that 'might' have been one reason - there are other reasons of course, like overselling stock, or warehouses reporting phantom stock on computer systems.
  15. I work in e-commerce and stocks could be down to warehouse location, either at Dixons or the manufacturers. - 'I think' the Miele machines are 'drop shipped' i.e. Dixons get the order then pass it on to Miele for delivery as the lorry that delivered our Dixon's Miele was plain white with no Dixon's branding, though it could be that Dixon's use white vans for reasons of security or co-operative operations with Currys/PC World (they might not want a Dixon's branded lorry pulling up with a Currys/PC World delivery perhaps)
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