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  1. Washer/dryer Foot

    I have the WT2670 and it is a lovely machine to own. Miele spares are always really helpful I believe.
  2. Miele Appliances

    We all know that Miele produce some fantastic washing machines and the after care is like being smothered by a thick feather duvet! Did you know thay also make Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Ovens, Hobs and other househld essentials? I know this site is entitled "Washerhelp" but I was wondering if this forum could digress into commenting on Mieles other appliances too?? I have just refitted my kitchen and in addition to my Miele WT2670 washer dryer I now have a Miele H4640 oven, a KM548 hob and a DA446 chimney hood. All look very smart and I am very pleased with them. I knew they wouldnt be a disappointment. Now the motto "anything else is a compromise" sticks with me and I couldnt bear to look at other makes for the new kitchen. Miele - Again.... SERVICE with a CAPITAL S .... and remaining letters in the word! I needed a recirculation kit for the cooker hood from the Miele company spares bureau and was informed one would arrive in 10 days when I ordered it. 14 days on still no show. I rang Miele and spoke to a very helpful lady. Never forget that it is not the operator's fault something hasn't arrived. They just pick up the blower! She rang me back in 30 minutes as promised after she investigated. The kit was still on order from Miele HQ Guttersloh, Germany and she asked me to accept Miele's appologies for the late arrival. Because I was promised the article within 10 days and it was now 14 she had refunded the entire cost. £105!!! She informed me that the item would be leaving Guttersloh for my house the same afternoon. Item arrived 2 days later.
  3. My friend is buying a SAMSUNG J1253GW/XEU washing machine. Any comments Mr. Washerhelp? I am not keen and tried to persuade him to go the extra mile and get the Miele Premier 520. Again, typical early 20s person. "I'm not paying that for a washing machine!". However, he spent nearly the price of a Premier 520 on a Sony Play Station 3! .......... Priorities??? I said to him "here is a man sat in front of me wearing a £54 Quiksilver hooded top, £60 Oakley Jeans and owns a whole host of other quality clothes. So you buy quality clothes and wash them up in a tin can. Why not buy a BMW and run it on paraffin?" I await the day the Samsung machine requires a service call!
  4. New Washing Machine

    I wasn't aware the Honeycomb drum had a purpose! I just thought it was made like that to look nice. To be honest that is why I liked a Honeycomb drum models. Because it looked nice. I remember going to look at some Mieles before Christmas when I was getting mine. I was in John Lewis with my neighbour and we both said "ooh look at the drum.... it's all like.... hexagons!... Coool!"
  5. Miele W 3740

    what would happen if you had got this machine and this delay start was in fact a feature you wanted. this is in fact a feature i want and use regularly. surely their misleading information would entitle you to your money back to get a machine that did this function. I have found inconsistencies in miele's specifications also on their webiste as i now own a miele oven (H4641) Hob (KM548) and Extractor (DA446-4). there was an inconsistency regarding another model of oven i was considering. to be honest i would have thought these errors would not happen from a manufacturer of what can arguable be the best appliances around.
  6. Aeg L86810

    I have an AEG dishwasher called an OKO FAVORIT - it is a 45cm machine and is now about 5 years old. I have alwsy been very pleased with the quality of it. Maybe it was made in a time when AEG were not budget machines as it was expensive 5 years ago.
  7. Purchased Miele W3240

    It's amazing how you tend to look after good quality things - especially when they cost more! I am confident you will continue to be amazed with your Miele. It is strange but I actually look forward to putting washing on now I have a Miele! If my Miele ever has to be written off I would rather do laundry by hand than have any other make of machine now!
  8. Miele have two designs of machine. One I call the "New Improved". The second "Original". What design do you prefer? For me I don't think I can never tire of the Original design and this would sway me to a machine in this style over the new lineup. It's the polishable chrome of even shape and classic control fascia with the illuminated "orange eclipse" control knob that melts my heart every time! ;o)
  9. Hi! I want to tell you all about the brilliant aftersales service I recently had on my new Miele Washer Dryer. I have had it about 8 weeks and when it was drying it would make an awful rattling noise generally after some time into the drying cycle and when the machine was particularly hot. The little orange screen also became covered with gibberish and would go out and then if I tapped it would come on. I spoke to Andy (Washerhelp's Sensei) and he advised me to contact Miele right away. When I did I was threatened with the fact that if no fault is found then I would be charged upwards of £90. This really put me off as the fault was intermittent and I felt it would be my word against an engineering expert. The problem continued and Andy Washerhelp really urged me to get a service call. He also advised that I recorded the sound. I did this and it proved most useful. When I spoke to Miele the second time the helpful operator was concerned that I felt unable to have made a call earlier due to the previous operator's threats. The engineer came out within in two days. Not bad really considering it took 3 weeks for Hoover to come out to my old machine under guarantee to repair the leaking powder draw. The upshot of this was the arrival of a very efficient engineer of 28 years experience working for Miele, who treated myself and my home with respect. The name of then engineer was emailed to me the night before complete with a 90 minute time slot. Amazing as we now live in an age where, lets be honest, service is pretty non existent and provided any time between 8am and 6pm. You then end up sitting indoors wondering if anyone will actually decide to turn up. He confirmed there was a fault. I could not hear anything but this was his experienced ear! The parts were then ordered and fitted a week later. Only a week later due to myself being unable to be in until the following week as I was offered an earlier appointment. The cost of this repair? Thankfully £0.00 as it was under guarantee. But... the bill he left with the zero amount to pay did list the prices: £295.19 - Electronic Control Fascia £266.51 - Tumble Dryer Fan Unit I assume this would also be plus labour and VAT! I really want to thank Andy Washerhelp for all his help as I know I messaged him a lot of times and tried to email him the sound file with the dryer's awful noise. I hope Andy will continue this site and he has my full support and gratitude for taking his time to provide this forum. Cheers Dude! Respect! KarateDragon
  10. Miele Appliances

    You can get a good deal on Miele appliances on the internet. We want Miele kitchen apliances in the new kitchen and have had to delay the installation to save up the extra money but its worth the wait
  11. Drum Led Lighting Question On W3922 / W3985

    The drum lighting on my WT2670 washer dryer comes on whe you switch the machine on, is on when you load the machine but ges off when the machine starts filling up.
  12. Miele Wt2670 Washer Dryer

    Ahh yes I have done that with my new Miele. I found the book for my old Hoover Performa which I never read. I didnt know I was supposed to run an empty wash in it on arrival. I think I just filled it up and switched it on!
  13. Mr. Washerhelp! So we dont spoil our dtergent drawer and avoid the chore of cleaning it regularly we have been adding powder to the drum directly. I have been told this is less effective than putting it in the drawer. We use the drawer only for Fabric Softner. What is your opionion on this? Thanks Ricky
  14. Which One?

    You are so right Mr Washerhelp. We cant wait to get our new Miele oven, ceramic hob and dishwasher. Shame we cant get a fridge as Mieles fridges are too wide for the gap we have.
  15. Which One?

    LOL haha! Us Miele Washer Dryer freaks have paid in excess of £850 to £1000 for our machines!!! We must be mad. Totally Mad!!!