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  1. I wanted to record our experience with the ISE washing machine after four months of use. The ordering and installation process was quick and easy through FFR Services of Luton. Only disappointment was that there was no facility to dispose of the old machine but the engineer kindly helped manoevre the old machine into the car for a trip to the dump. Our washing needs are fairly simple - lots of 40 degree washes for school and work clothes - and the machine does these well. It seems quieter than the old Bosch and there are fewer dials and buttons to fiddle with. After about 100 days, however, the machine developed a fault and would not go into a wash cycle. After consultation with FFR and some time trying button pressing and resetting an engineer came out. It seems the electonics were at fault and needed replacing. FFR did not carry any spares and it took another week to get the spare delivered and fitted. I had expected spares to be carried by the engineer rather than ordered when required so I was disappointed by this, but the repair itself was effective and the machine has been happily working again now for a couple of weeks. I bought the machine because the concept of a repairable machine using local engineers seemed like a good one and worth supporting. It's too early yet (taking a five year view) to tell whether this was a good investment or not but, however good the concept, simple things like spares availability are still the prerequisites of good service regardless of the brand.