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  1. I tend to choose my detergent by scent! I'm a HUGE fan of Morrisons Cyclon 2in1 Liq in "summer blossom" scent. It smells very old fashioned, like Ariel from the 1980's. I use it for my coloureds and bedding and the scent really does last, although it doesn't soften as good as a seperate softener. I don't like bedding to be softened though, preferring the starchy feel. I use the cheapest brand name powder I can get, solely for whites, usually Daz Original (really not keen on citrus scented detergents) or Surf Tropical. I do find powder cleans whites better than liquid detergents. I only ever use Lenor softener. I tend to go for the "summer breeze (yellow one)" scent.
  2. Buying Advice For Aeg Machine

    Hi! I've owned my AEG for two years now and can't sing its praises enough. My model is the 76669 Update (probably not available anymore). It's never caused me a problem (single guy who does 8 - 10 loads a week) and is very quiet, even when spinning at 1600rpm. I also use a condensor dryer and only ever really spin at 1200rpm, even heavy items like jeans. Drying in my dryer takes around 80 mins for a full load spun at 1200rpm. I don't really think that time would shorten much if I did spin at 1600rpm, maybe just 10 mins or so shaved off.... In conclusion, considering you're getting a five year guarantee with the AEG you've chosen, I'd say it was a good buy. If you're not bothered with extra features though (I hardly ever use anything but the Quickwash option and rinse hold on my machine), then go for the Miele. The extra 400rpm in the spin won't make that much difference when drying. As pointed out in another thread too, it's only the "cottons" cycle that will reach the maximum spin speed. With AEG though, you are able to do a seperate spin which is a full spin at top speed of the machine. Hope this helps. J
  3. Hi! You say the machine won't "start". Does it power up at all (most modern machines will drain the sump before filling with water when you turn it on, so you should hear the pump)? If you have checked all the obvious connections, that its plumbed in correctly, pluged in and that a programme has been selected and it still doesn't work, personally, I would contact the store where you brought the machine from, and request a replacement or refund (both of which you are perfectly entitled to under the Sale Of Goods Act 1974). If the store try a fob you off with an engineers visit, refuse. You are entitled to a refund or if you wish replacement due to the length of time you've owned the machine, and the fact it doesn't work from new. Washerhelp has excellent advice on his website with regards your rights under the Sale of Goods Act. Washing machine consumer advice I hope this helps. J
  4. Cheap Washing Machines?

    I just want to second what Washerhelp has advised you about budget washing machines. Servis really aren't a brand I'd consider going for. I've owned two in the last 10 years and both lasted just over 18 months before being scraped. The first things to go on them were the control board and the pump. When my second Servis failed (a Millenium 1000 model), I brought a Tricity Bendix 1000. That was five years ago and it's still going strong at my parents house, only ever needing one repair which was for a new door seal (and this was due to neglect). If you're looking for a budget machine, I would definitely go for the Tricity Bendix Washerhelp has advised upon.
  5. Miele Or Aeg?

    Hi! I have an AEG 76660 Update, which I've owned for two years or so now. I too considered a Miele when choosing my machine (I had an LG before which constantly played up), but the AEG had a better spin speed and larger drum than the entry level Miele. I've never had a problem with my machine. They're well made and quiet running. Virtually silent when washing, you can just hear the clothes tumbling round the drum, during spinning, you can easily have a conversation over the machine, even at 1600rpm! My machine has a Rinse+ option, but I've never needed to use it, even though I suffer from sensitve skin. I have found I don't need to use as much detergent as I used to with my machine, to get acceptable wash results. I tend to use a liquid detergent in a dosing ball, or just one tablet of detergent when washing whites at 60c (liquid detergent doesn't contain bleaching agents!). Most "fuzzy logic" machines will sense if you've over-dosed with detergent and add extra rinses automatically. I really wouldn't hesitate in recommending AEG washing machines to you. If you want to know anymore about my experience with my machine (I have video of it in action! lol), just send me a message and I'll reply a.s.a.p. Hope I've been of some help.
  6. I used to own a Softwave, and from what I can remember the programs for the Cottons wash are as follows - 1) Prewash (the machine then stops and you select a main wash) 2) Whites (95) 3) Colourfast Cottons (60) 4) Non-colourfast cottons (40) 5) Rinses 6) Conditioner Rinse 7) Spin *max spin depending what model you have* 'fraid I can't remember the synthetics programs. The Buttons if I remember rightly are as follows - Half Load/Wool/On Off You select the Wool Button on the "Fast Wash" cycle, which I think was #10 or 11, to make the wash action gentler. Until you can get a set of instructions, I would stick to program #4. As Washerhelp said, the cycles run it pretty much the same order on most washing machines. If you count the digits on the program dial, there should be a full stop between #1 and #2 This means your machine does have a seperate pre-wash. If the rest of the digits then go from #2 - #7, then #4 is your 40c cotton cycle. Hope this helps! You could try Ebay for instruction manuals. J
  7. Wash Times Too Long?

    I have an AEG 76669 Update. The Cotton 40c wash on my machine takes 129 minutes for a full load, but this is shortened or lenghened accordingly for smaller loads or over-sudsing ect (fuzzy logic). I do have the option to select a Quickwash, which then shortens the time to 65 minutes. The machine will spend 30 of those minutes washing, 25 minutes rinsing (3 rinses), and the last 5 minutes as a final spin, instead of the usual 12 minutes. There is no Quickwash program on my machine, the shortens program is the Wool cycle which lasts 38 minutes.
  8. Are Washing Machine Spin Speeds A Con?

    I remember my parents Hoover Electron 800, brought back in 1986. Despite it's top speed being 800rpm (considered slow these days), clothes seemed to feel dryer than many 1000 spin machines I've owned over the years. My own first automatic was a Servis Easiwash 600, back in 1992. I would spin for 5 minutes at just 600rpm, and though not great, you couldn't physically ring out any more water from heavy items such as jeans and towels. For a number of years, I ran a hotel laundry. We had two Primus 10KG automatic machines, with a max spin speed of 400rpm. Towels would be put in a 5kg hydro-extractor once taken from the machine, and spun for 5 mins at 1450rpm. This seemed to be the most efficient amount of time. The amount of water extracted from the load over 5 mins, was negligible, being just a trickle out of the waste pipe at most. My washing machine (an AEG 76669) has top spin speed of 1600rpm. The cottons spin dry lasts 9 minutes or so, with the last 5 mins or so at the top selected speed. I only ever spin at 1200rpm as this seems to remove enough water . I have noticed the fuller the load, the dryer the clothes seem to feel after the spin, possibly because of the drum being well balanced? In summer months, when I'm able to peg clothes on the line, I tend to spin at just 900rpm (my machine has variable spins of 400rpm; 700rpm; 900rpm; 1200rpm; 1600rpm), which saves on ironing. Morgan
  9. Hi everyone, newbie here! I've always wondered, is there really any difference, apart from packaging/scents between Economy; home brand and well known brand detergents? I currently use Morrisons Cyclon Liquid 2 in 1 detergent, simply because I like the traditional smell it leaves on my clothes (think 1980's Ariel Automatic). I have used all sorts over the years though, but always tend to sway more towards the home-brands as they're cheaper and seem to clean well (I never have really dirty laundry, so...) I'd be interested to hear others opinions on this matter. Morgan