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  1. I suspect that the fuse keeps blowing on startup because of a capacitor fault. I have taken the lid of the washing machine but can not see where the mother board is to be found. Does anyone know where it is in this machine? Background: WM stopped emptying the drum and did not go into the correct end spin cycle. I found the cause was a small piece of cloth blocking the pump at the drainage point at the base of the machine. I restarted the spin cycle and all was well, until the next morning when I tried to do a new wash. This time the power plug's fuse blows immediately. I think it wouldn't hurt to inspect the capacitors to see if any have blown. This is an old machine but in fairly good condition. My intention is to check if something has burned out and if not replace the machine.
  2. Is the rinses symbol the first symbol that looks like a shower head? Do the hot washes start at the shower head symbol? I have found I get a cleaner whiter wash if I soak the washing in an oxygen powder, but to do that outside the machine can lead to water splashing everywhere. So I would prefer to have the soak down in the washing machine as part of the main wash program. The recommended time for a soak is 60mins. There is a problem which I hinted at in my question. There is no point waiting for the hot washes because the soaking powder would be evacuated by then, but i can not do it earier because there is not enough water in the drum. As I do not have a manual I do not know which is the correct section of the tray for the soap. The tray has 3 sections. Left narrow, middle bigger, right very narrow with a grid set into it. Robin
  3. I have a neff 6544 with no machine number on any labels. I like to soak my washing for an hour, not using the prewash because that throws away the powder added to the soak. As it is at least 10 years old I no longer have the manual. Neff do not have one in their customer support department. My concern is the best place in the cycle of say 95/60 or 60 (on the right of the attached) to turn the power off and leave the clothes soaking for an hour. What I have discovered is that the soap is washed into the drum at the beginning of the wash, but the drum only builds up with water after the spray sympol on the dial. I am also wondering if the soap should be fed in after the spray point, because the water appears to be drained off at the spray point. Robin
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