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  1. Many thanks for all your help with this issue. To close this out then....... Curry's weren't willing to help me and wanted me to get my own independent engineers report at my cost when they have an army of engineers at disposal (the least they could have done is sent out their own engineer - Its called good customer service and helps retain customers), so I've decided to never purchase anything from them or the other retailers under this group of companies for being so unhelpful about the whole matter. So, I decided to try Samsung again and got through to a helpful agent. From my experience here it really comes down to your luck depending on who you get to speak with. The issue here was that as Samsung were claiming that I hadn't registered my 5 year parts and labour warranty I was no longer entitled to this (According to Samsung the warranty has to be registered within 90 days of purchase and a proof of warranty retained by the customer). I wasn't aware of this, and had sent off my warranty registration card 2 and a half years ago and hadn't received any kind of acknowledgement (I didn't know if I was suppose to). Anyway having telephoned Samsung the first time the unhelpful agent appeared to have my details, and I don't have any other Samsung products so I knew the only way Samsung had my details were through the warranty registration process, but wasn't 100% sure. So, eventually the helpful agent has done a history search and confirmed that Samsung had in fact received my warranty registration documents 2 and a half years ago. I asked for confirmation in writing to which they said was not possible now but in the future if I could my enquiry reference number that should suffice. Well Samsung are now progressing the repair under warranty and an engineer has carried out an inspection of the machine and confirmed it needs major repairs, new motor, drum, seals etc, so I have now been offered an exchange by Samsung, so I'm now waiting for confirmation of delivery of new machine and pick up on the old one. Hope this part now happens without further issue as it's been 3 weeks without a washer with trips to the local laundarette.
  2. Symptoms - Its a Samsung Ecobubble WF0804X8E Washing machine. It switches on and goes through washing programme cycle for the most part seems fine, but when it gets to spin it doesn't spin and the digital display shows a 'UE' error. I've looked in the instruction manual under trouble shooting which refers me to cleaning the filters, and spreading the load within the drum. I've done all that a number of times, checked the hoses to check that it's receiving water and draining etc, performed a number of 'drum clean' cycles but still appears to be having this problem. Even on drum cleaning cycle when the drums empty it fails to go into spin and displays the error above. Thanks
  3. Many thanks for the quick response and advice. I have already asked Currys to send out their own engineers, but they were unwilling to do this. I don't know where I could find an independent engineer who would be willing to write such a report for me. Any help with how to locate an engineer and typical costs for such a service would also be greatly appreciated. I'm based in the NW England. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I hope someone could give me some advice on what options I have.... A number of years ago I purchased an LG washer/ dryer from Curry's for £750 and it lasted just under 2 years. It was out of warranty and was uneconomical to repair as it needed a new circuit board. I lost out and had to buy a new washing machine with a 5 year warranty, which lasted a happy 5 years, albeit with a couple of repairs along the way to keep it going. So, in March 2012, I purchased a new Samsung washing machine from Dixons online (Now under Curry's) for £450 which was sold to me with a 5 year parts and labour warranty. All been fine for first 2 and half years but now is need of a repair. So I contacted Curry's who initially transferred me to Samsung who refused to entertain as they said the warranty had not been registered. So I then contacted Currys who I had purchased the appliance from, they confirmed that they will honour the 5 year warranty, but then I was pushed from pillar to post, and about 5 phone calls later, each lasting an hour over a week of chasing I eventually got to talk to Currys Out of warranty customer service team. Only to be informed by their customer service rep that only as a goodwill gesture Curry's were informing me about their obligations under the Sales of Goods and Services Act, which they didn't have to, and if I didn't quote it then they would have stayed quiet about it and done absolutely nothing. So, the offer Currys are making me under this so-called goodwill gesture, is that I have to provide Currys with an independent engineers report on the defect at my own cost. Currys will then review this and decide whether Currys are obliged to remedy the defect. I discussed this with Currys customer service rep at length and Currys are unwilling to budge, and I cannot understand why I must pay for an independent engineer to inspect the washing machine. Even if I pay for this report then there's still no guarantee that Currys will accept that they have to remedy the defect. I believe they want a report and will be looking for a way out of repairing the machine, i.e. if the report cannot conclusively identify an inherent defect. I'd be grateful if someone could offer any advice on what options I have here, remembering that I only purchased this product because it came with a 5 year parts and labour warranty and I feel that the retailer is pushing a call out charge on to me as well as walking away from the warranty, let alone his obligations under the Sales of Goods and Services Act.
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