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  1. My Hotpoint WMPF 742 stopped spinning out yesterday, It's carrying out the wash cycles, but there are no fast spins during any of the cycles. So the washing is left soaked This machine has a spin and pump out cycle which also does on work, the drum simply turns as though it doing a normal way Spin has not been turned off, not fast spinning by selecting any of the spin speeds No warning lights Just not doing any fast spinning Any help / advise most appreciated
  2. An update......Plast Aid still holding strong....No leaks, 7 months on Recommended 100%
  3. I want to share this repair tip, I worked for me 100% Somehow a kitchen knife got into a wash. God knows how the knife then managed to work its way between the inner metal drum and outer plastic drum... The result was this....... Fortunately I found the bit of the plastic that had been punched out by the knife...... http://tuffpro.co.uk/P1000639.JPG-for-web-xlarge.jpg After research online I decided to try a product called Plast Aid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkTSpmS1zXY Its simple to use. I placed the broken off bit of plastic, back into position, this filled most of the hole. I then used Plast Aid, covering the damaged area. I was able to get the Plast Aid applied over both sides of the repair. Inside and Outside the drum I used the Plast Aid whilst it was still very liquid, so that any cracks were filled 3 months later the repair is holding. No leaks. The Plast Aid is a very tough Plastic resin. I tried to pick bits off with a screwdriver to test the seal. The surface of the outer drum got scuffed, but the Plast Aid was rock solidI know that time will tell and that the temperature and the detergent may cause problems in the future But for now I can but only highly recommend this product...Cheap as well The machine I have is a Hotpoint, only about 2 years old....Not sure what the washing machine repair man would do in this case. I'm thinking they would want to replace the outer drum....£200???? Hope this helps .......
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