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  1. Hi Andy, That's an interesting subject, but I was referring to 30' cycles not 30° cycles I use a 30 minute wash for, as the saying goes, 'lightly soiled' clothes - Just clothes that I've been wearing for a few days that aren't exactly dirty, but aren't clean either. That might be stuff that I only want to spin at 800, or it might be stuff that'd take the full 1400. I get the point of having recommended settings for a particular wash, it's just that if you KNOW you want something different you should be allowed to choose it. There might be a 'perfect' cycle for what I'm washing, but as your average 'end user', I'm more interested in A. How much energy will it take?, B. How long will it take?, and lastly C. Will it get the clothes REALLY clean? B. very often takes priority - I'm a busy bloke. If I can get a wash done & in the dryer before I leave the house, all I've got to do is fold it & put it away when I get back. Most of the 'recommended' cycles for fabrics & soiling levels take between 1½ and 2½ hours, and as one of my favourite YouTube videos expounds - 'Ain't nobody got time for that...' My ideal machine would have all of the usual predefined cyles (but it would let me adjust them in ANY way I want), but it would also have what, from my point of view, is the 'Missing' cycle... I tell the machine how long I want the wash to take. Me, not it. It's not allowed to change the duration up or down. I also tell it the temp I want and the spin speed I want. It then uses all of its expertise to give me the best wash it can USING the parameters I've set. OK, I know that won't be the best wash I could have, but if I know that I've got 5 pairs of jeans I want washed at 40°, spun at 1400, and I've got to go out in 45 minutes, I really don't care that it's not the perfect wash.
  2. What I'd like to know is - What planet do the idiots that design washing machine software come from? About the last 5 machines I've had have made me do two separate operations to do a quick wash because for some reason they think that if you only want a low temperature 30 minute wash you should only be able to spin half the water out of the clothes at the end of it. My current machine's 30' wash has a max spin of 800 rpm - Why?! It can't be to save energy or time because it just means that I have to wait for it to finish, select a separate 1400 rpm spin cycle, and then wait for that to complete... It'd probably be 'greener' if I could get hold of a good old fashioned manual one that I actually have control over the settings of. If anyone knows of a current model washing machine that doesn't treat you like an idiot that doesn't know what they want please let me know...
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