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    To continue our running report: We had a leak from the bottom of our ISE machine. We called customer services and arranged for an engineer to come out the following Thursday. He checked the machine by running a program with the lid off, it revealed that the drum(?) seal had a hole in it. He said this was very unusual with such a new machine. Anyway he had a spare on the van and fitted it and now all is well. As a test of the guarantee and service quality then I would say that praise is due. However one thing puzzles me - how come our service engineer (and the original installer) come from a company in Birmingham when we live in Chester? I thought the whole idea was to have the machine installed and serviced by 'local' people. I would consider Liverpool or even perhaps Manchester to be local, but not Birmingham.
  2. Just Bought One

    Okay, bit of a review. My wife would be better qualified to do this review, but as she's not a computer saddo like me I'll do it. No major functional issues to report so far. The washing machine works well, is reasonably quiet and the programmes and facilities suit our needs very well. One of the features that influenced our choice was the hand-wash programme and this seems to work very well to do jumpers and the like. The only comment my wife made was that the 1500 spin setting tended to flatten the laundry to such an extent that creases could be introduced - I guess this is the trade-off for having a very efficient spin performance. She usually turns it down to 1200 to avoid this and increases it on items that she wants to get really dry. As for the installation service, just a couple of gripes: Firstly he didn't level it properly, it was rocking when I saw it spinning. I cured it by shoving a piece of folded card under the foot, now it's perfect (high tech, eh?). Also he didn't leave us with our registration card that we are supposed to use to get our warranty. I rang ISE and they sent it in the post, saying our guarantee certificate would follow, as yet it hasn't arrived. I will of course ring them again but as the 5-year parts and labour warranty is one of the primary reasons we bought this machine I obviously want what I paid for. One thing the installer said to my wife was that this was only the third one he had installed, one of the others being his own! I don't think it's actually been available for that long so I guess this isn't a total surprise, but I would say that ISE need to promote it a bit more by getting reviews in Which?, etc. As far as the product is concerned I can say RECOMMENDED after having used it for about two and half weeks now. The service quality I guess is variable as you are dependent on the qualities of your local independent distributor.
  3. Just Bought One

    I've just bought one, online. It's being delivered and installed on Monday. Has been chosen over and above a Bosch WFR2869 which I could have got for £449 inc. delivery but only a two year guarantee. The reason I chose the ISE is A: I was convinced by the arguments on this site. B: It was the 5-year parts and labour guarantee that really swung it. C: The last machine we had was a Hotpoint, absolute rubbish, even when it was fixed under warranty the hassle of getting it done was unbelievable, being passed between the dealer and the manufacturer like a hot potato. I hope I made the right decision, I'll be letting you know!