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  1. Thanks for the reply. Took the old one down on saturday morning no problems. tip, always make sure you;re machine really is empty before you put it in the car. thank goodness for tarpaulins!
  2. Searched the forum but coldn;t find anything, so here's my question (bear with me!) Our old hotpoint washing machine died after 14 years. We could have had it repaired for around £140 but decided to get a new one instead, we ended up with a Miele Prem 520 which I'm pleased to see is quite well regarded However, the old machine is still in the corner of the kitchen - I've been meaning to take it to the tip but tonight Mrs NBT has mentioned that she thinks this may not be allowed. Now I know that there are rules on the disposal of fridges etc due to CFCs, but I'm not aware of any such issues with washing machines - expect maybe the weight of them, getting it in and out of the car could prove interesting! thanks in advance for any help! NBT Notoriously Bad Typist