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  1. Last week I was house sitting for my neighbour while she has her new washing machine delivered and installed and the guy who was doing the fitting said he wouldn't touch any Hotpoint with a barge pole.I've had a hotpiont and i agree!!!
  2. New Machine

    I don't need to wait a couple of weeks to post my review of my new Miele...it's brill.I like the options that are available , my washing comes out of the machine barely creased and even my dull whites are back to bright white. Ihave taken the time to read the instruction manual cover to cover several times and have also gone to the web sites of the detergent brands that I use and found the exercise well worth my time.I know that Fairy and the like are plugging their own brands but there is still very useful info to be gained.And I have also weighed my washing and adjusted the amount of detergent I use.So to any one who may be put off at the cost of a Miele ...don't be... I am sure that in time I will have ended up saving money and have cleaner washing to boot!I think that the best way to get the washing machine that suits best is to do plenty of research first and very many thanks to WASHERHELP for pointing in the right direction.
  3. New Machine

    Thanks to your very helpful advice I an antisipating the arrival of my Miele Paramount ( from John Lewis ) this Friday and I'm quite excited ( a bit sad really ). So once I have had it for a few weeks I will let you know how I get on with it. Mostly my washing machines last 6-7 years and although my Hotpoint Aquarius is still working it's so noisy!!! I've had the engineer out and he says its fine, but I can't stand the row any longer. At the moment Miele machines with the "honeycomb " drum come with 10 year free parts and labour warranty ...we'll have some of that said my other half. I have aquired truck loads of helpful advice to look after my new machine as I must admit as I never did with all my others. About 2 years ago I had to have a new drum in my Hotpiont , a bearing had "gone" , and the engineer told me to avoid Calgon as it can damage the door bellows ( I've not heard this before or since so it may be entirely wrong) so I use these sachets that come in a long narrow blue box ...I can,t find a name on the box ..just the word "professional" but I think they may be German. There was a sharp intake of breath when I showed my husband the Miele model I wanted but when I told him Miele reckon it should last 20 years and that I would have got through 3 £400ish machines in that time span he saw sense. Thank you very much WASHER HELP.