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  1. I have a Zanussi washer dryer, model WDT1085 approx. 19 years old. I am interested in water consumption on the 50C wash cycle as the manual defines only water and electricity consumption for a complete wash/dry cycle which is no real help at all. The machine is excellent and has only needed 2 minor repairs. The repairer has advised keeping it going for as long as parts are available but there may come a point when the running costs may mean a new machine is the better option though I am aware modern machines no longer have a 50C wash programme. I have to bear in mind it only takes a 4kg wash whereas new machines can take up to 8kg, so I probably have to use the machine twice as often. What is the likely water consumption for this age of machine and for new machines, say on a 40C wash cycle? Many thanks in advance.
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