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  1. Well, finally I found out that the tacho magnet is machine pressed onto the armature and therefore is only supplied with the motor. Even if it would be available as a spare, honestly it would be very difficult to replace. I've tried to take the whole thing off - without success. Anyway, thanks much for your advice. I really appreciate that. At least I know what to do. Daniel
  2. Hello there.. I have a Beko washing machine WM6133W. Recently, the motor started to change speed every 3 seconds or so. I thought it was a tacho coil that was broken but I found out that it is a ring attached to rotor shaft (where the tacho is reading the speed of rotor). It seems it is made of plastic (brown colour) and it is cracked in half. As it was attached to rotor I'm just wondering if it's possible to buy it as a spare part. Any suggestions? Photos attached. Thanks. Daniel
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