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  1. Thanks. This design is a quarter circle so there are no 'sides' to squeeze. However much lifting you do it makes no difference. I found out why when it finally gave way. The rear is clipped onto the steel hinge spindle, so it has to be released not by lifting and pulling, but by lifting the front at an angle causing the cover to hinge in and the inside snap loose. Phew! What 'genius' thought that was a good design for something the manual says should be done 'frequently'.
  2. The Hotpoint manual provides guidance and a diagram for removing the detergent dispenser tray, which says to lift up and pull forward.. I've not seen one of this type before, instead of the usual tray that pulls forward, it has a swinging grey front door opening to 90degrees revealing the white plastic soap and conditioner tray. As the external parts are all grey, it is easy to see which bit of the white innards should be lifted and pulled forward as instructed, but no amount of tugging and wiggling has got it to move. Am I missing something here? I can't see any obvious clip or spring device. Anyone know how to get this tray out?
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