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  1. I first looked at this site as I was disappointed at the results I was getting from Persil liquid, both white and colour varieties. I took the advice and swapped to "big box" Ariel. Very pleased with results, also started washing more at 60 whenever possible. Since then I have swapped to big box Daz for whites, much cheaper than Ariel and better results. I have to say that my electricity bill has increased quite a bit since starting the 60 degree regime. I have a fast forward programme that reduces the time from 2.30hrs to 1.30hrs but am not sure if this cuts down on the washing time or number of rinses, since the machine is in the cellar I can't really monitor it. Does anyone have the answer! Greenhils
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    Hi Andy, Apolgies for not replying sooner, behind with e-mails again! I would be delighted to receive your newsletter and blog. I have found your site invaluable and have recommended to many people. Cheers Greenhils
  3. Has anyone else noticed that Persil and Ariel no longer remove stains the way they used to, even when used at 60 degrees? I have lost count of the number of times I have started to iron something only to find remnants of a stain on the item. I am not talking about notoriously difficult stains i.e. curry etc just everyday ones. There must be something in this otherwise there wouldn't be a market for these in-wash stain removal products we are now invited to buy - as if the detergent isn't expensive enough! I have now switched to Surf powder which so far seems to working perfectly. It's not as though I'm a washing novice, I've been at it for over 30 years! I am beggining to think that the old fashioned "big box" powders used at the hottest suitable temperature is the only way to decent wash results. I am interested to know if anyone else has been having the same problems.