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  1. Seems to have worked from my end. Hope you see it. Had to crop but I think you can still make out the mm on the rule + the info I sent before
  2. You are right! I had never read that. It is the same tool, a grey plastic length 80mm long x 12 mm wide but the end that does the work tapers to 10 mm over a 13 mm length. Just under 3mm thick It works not just by putting it in the slot but by lifting up slightly & frankly I dont think it would last too long if used a lot. I have got photos but they are too big to even upload one. I don't know if I can reduce the bytes. I will try tomorrow.
  3. HI MEM Same model as mine but as far as I know the only way to open the machine door is via the electronic button. The only "tool" I ever had was a small length of plastic for the drain door. Although I think a credit card works just as well. I do occasionally get the unbalanced load warning but I know that is down to heavy towelling bath mats. How I long to go back to the days of mechanical dials, lasted forever.
  4. Yes I think that was one of my earlier posts, I complained (they were still trading) & they sent another insert with a small bit hacked off the outlet pipe. Fat lot of good it did. Oh well, one of life's lessons.
  5. Despite all the odds my machine is still going without as yet any major faults. I kept on having the quite frequent leak though. Not all the time & luckily as I have Vinyl flooring a nuisance rather than damage. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier as I have always suspected the stupid design to the detergent drawer. So I took out the blue moulded insert. No more leaks. & I do not believe it alters the order of the dispensing at all. And if you use the new pods straight into the drum it's irrelevant. So for those still soldiering on & have a leak this may be the answer.
  6. Morning all, Here I am again on this thread that I have a sneaking suspicion could run for quite a while. I still have the intermittent leak & I am 99% certain in my case it is the lousy design of the detergent drawer & that if the water pressure (which does fluctuate) is just that much higher it will whoosh out. Just like a tap hitting a spoon in the sink! Yes we've all done that. Yesterday I decided to take out the drain plug & give it a thorough clean. It was stuck! I know several of you have had this happen. I had a think. I live in a very hard water area, straight through the chalk Downs & out of bore holes. My old Bosch had no problems in 30 years with that. A solid housefrau she was. This diva is high maintenance. I drained all remaining water. re-tightened the drain & poured about half a pint of white vinegar into the drum. I then left her to stew. 2 hours later I unscrewed enough for a dribble of vinegar to be let out around the thread. Another half hour & i gently unscrewed the whole thing that slid out. The narrow channels top & bottom of the drain hole where the protruding moulding of the plug slide in had just enough scale to have jammed it. Job done without any force or snapped bits. Plenty of fuming about ISE of course, I have the W288 ECO. If any of you find it difficult to find white vinegar at a decent price in bulk (5 litres) for all limescale removal I found it here http://www.summernaturals.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=80rather than the south American river site who won't pay tax. Hope this is useful to you.
  7. Noted, I have always reduced the powder by the recognised formula "that's probably about right" & never had too much build up nor any sudsing. Many thanks & all taken on board.
  8. I have just been looking at Asko's home site from Sweden. They offer the 10 yr motor guarantee but I wonder where we stand when they were re-badged ISE? No doubt legalities mean they have no liability but is it worth a try to find out where UK customers of their machines (which is what they are) stand?
  9. Hi Thank you for your reply. I didn't know the original maker of these models. That could be very useful as time goes on. And thanks for the info re the water level. I knew it was there but somehow never really focused on it. I will try a quick cycle with a normal load & compare results. At 45 mins v 1hr 40 there is a big energy use difference as well as the time to get laundry out on the line during short days (the wind is free) or another load done. I live in a very hard water area & have always added a spoon of washing soda to the detergent to help with the hardness. I trust this is in order? I also do a regular (every 2-3 weeks) service wash at 60-80 degrees depending on what fabric is in there to keep bacteria down. There's only two in the house but it still has almost daily use with large sheets etc. Many thanks
  10. I bought my W288 ECO in March 2013. Like so many others I thought I was paying more for a robust machine that could be easily repaired via a sound network in the instance of a supposedly high quality machine going wrong in the first place. I am not an experienced researcher of WMs as my old Bosch lasted nearly thirty years & the repairs in the last 5 yrs of it's life such as belts hoses were done ourselves. However I read all the blurb & thought I was doing the right thing. Due to the demise of the company I am now the owner of something that if it does fail is probably beyond us to repair loaded as it is with all manner of stupid electronics. One annoying fault is the intermittent leak of water from under the dispenser. I reported this several times. The quite rude receptionist blamed me, too much conditioner, not the right sort, not keeping the drawer clean etc. None of which was true. They replaced the dispenser drawer when I really stuck to my guns.... with an identical one that they had hacked a few mm of the syphon mouldings off! Hardly the work of good engineers! So if any others out there have this "leak" check under the dispenser drawer, if its wet, especially with conditioner/liquid detergent take the insert out & file some of the plastic upright tube off, the bit that is the male to the removable female bit. I suggest this only if the owner of this excellent site concurs & you as owners also feel that there is no other way that you will get anything sorted if it is this design fault causing the leak. Normally such action would invalidate a warranty(?) but it looks like we have none. Wish I'd bought a Miele. I don't believe it washes as well as the old one due to the water saving measures, which of course have resulted in the use of far longer running times using energy generated by burning fossil fuel. Who dreams these "eco savings up"
  11. I have just joined this forum due to needing a new machine (I think) I am so out of touch with washing machines. Why? I bought a "real" Bosch a V454 in 1984 of course it was expensive in it's day. It is still working after had only the expected use replacements, pump, bearing spider. After all it has been used in excess of 5 times a week for 28yrs. It now seems to have developed faults, the final rinse won't operate via the softener compartment, the shock absorbers have I believe been done for a while (suspended floor a bit iffy?) I think the heater is coming on in the last rinse which of course should be cold & there is an occasional fill of cold water (it's a H&C fill) when switched off. However it still works through all cycles. I know that there is nothing like this out there any more. All stainless drum, no stupid electronics-two robust mechanical dials, quite a fast wash time etc etc. Progress? Hubby wants to get it mended. He took all the hoses & soap dispenser etc out & it's all clean & clear. Does it sound worth it? I am only looking at ISE or Miele as replacements. Many thanks
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