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  1. Woah, that was quick, thanks. Yes, when i cleaned the commutator i used the broken end of a thin hacksaw blade to clean the gaps. Would it be ok to use solder here as a permanent fix? See, I work with computer hardware so i have good soldering skills and a steady hand but, as the voltage a washing machine runs on is is a different beast. Well, with computer stuff you only need to worry about a bit of smoke or maybe a burned finger.
  2. Yes, i have seen while doing my research that there is two versions of the powerboard. Mine has circuitry for the extra wire but no components, the motor plug has the extra wire from the powerboard but, the motor hasn't got the extra wire. Anyhoo, i took another look at the motor erlier, where i had cleaned the commutator all but two of the segments had gone dark from heat during testing. Testing between one of the clean segments and the one next to it, with a multimeter set to resistance, showed about 9 ohm but all the others were around 1 ohm. Obviously its gone open circuit. With nothing to loose i've picked off the varnish below the segment and there was the wire, broken. I've soldered the ends together and it's working. I think it might be a bit dangerous like this though so now im off to source another motor having located the problem. Thanks
  3. Thanks Andy. Armed with a multimeter, is there any way i can determine whether it be motor or controller?
  4. Hi, i can hold the spindle of the motor still with my fingers when its on a wash or rinse. The machine is about five years old but has been treated well. So far ive checked the brushes which are so new the face still hasn't worn completely in and cleaned the commutator but it made no difference. Online reading suggests the motor is generally worn but i can't understand how a motor can go just go weak at low speed. While spinning i can hear it back off as it reaches full speed. Im sure it would go at low speed if there was slightly more energy from the speed controller. Thanks if you can help.
  5. Hi, i have a widl126 that started making a racket while spinning, a real hard banging sound. At first i could not locate the problem but then just by luck i decided to push upwards through the rear access on the rear weight block and it shifted very slightly. Took out the bolt, got a small tube of threadlock or threadseal from the car accessories shop, stuck the bolt back in. It took about two years to loosten the bolt now it's done another three without loostening again.