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  1. Replaced the door interlock system but it never fixed the problem, spoke to the gent in the repair shop who suggested the PCB but by that time the wife had already bought a new machine.
  2. I heard a little rattle yesterday but just thought it was possibly not sitting on the floor properly. Went in and had a look and noticed the machine had stopped 2 mins before it had completed it's cycle and the door lock light was repeatedly flashing. There is no error codes, the drum spins fine and there is no blockages, so I took the rubber seal off to have a look at the door interlock system and noticed it wasn't attached with 2 screws from the front of the system, just looked like 2 plastic stumps. I was hoping someone could tell me if I can replace this and how it would be attached, or if the interlock system is even the problem at all? Any advice would be greatly appreciated folks.