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  1. The noise is only when om full spin. but the bears are fine. the shocks dont look loke they have any inserts so dont look like they are holding the weight of the drum. the springs are holding up the drum. do these shocks have inserts if so i will need to replace mime. Thanks again
  2. Ok ive taken the back off the machine and it may be the struts. they dont apear to have any inserts in them. is this normal or have they failed?the hearing looks and sounds ok when i take the belt off. does this sound like i need to replace the shocks as everything else looks ok?
  3. Hi thanks for that. the drums turns ok but there is a slight grinding noise when turned by hand when empty. my main concern is the front to back movement. i can move the drum all the way forward and backwards about 2 imches each way. Is this a sign the bearings have gone? i feel quite happy changing them im just looking to confirm it if i can before i strip it down lol. Thanks again
  4. Hi this is my first post so be gentle with me lol. My indesit has all of a sudden started to make a sound like a jack hammer when on full spin. After looking a various posts etc i think it might be the bearings but i dont know. It would appear the drum has more movement front to back than normal. Ive checked the bushes for the shocks and they seem fine. Can any one give me any advice please? Cars i can do but am stuck when it comes to washing machines lol also is it any easy fix? many thanks