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  1. Machine Knocking On Spin

    Thanks for your reply,Its sounds like its all ok,since my first posts ive done larger loads and this makes the spin lass shaky
  2. Machine Knocking On Spin

    Yes they are,everything is working fine,its just when spining flat out there's a small amount of shaking,i'm not sure whether there is supposted to be any or is a small amount is acceptable.Also i'm thinking because its sitting on floor boards,the boards themselves felx a little,so maybe an idea to sit the machine up on a square of fibre board and see if that makes a difference.
  3. We have just bought a Miele W 1913 and have just done our first wash,i have set it up vertically and horizontal square as well all four adjustable legs seem to be level on the floor where there's no obvious rocking, but it still seems to knock, any suggestions?