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  1. Been doing it for 2 days now-its no bother-we normally reload both the washing machine and the dryer at the same time-I simply remove the dryer tank and pour the water into the soap tray as the washing machine fills-the warm water seems to flush the liquid detergent away better than cold water alone.Takes less than 30 seconds and must be better than throwing the water away surely?
  2. Our tumble dryer puts out about a gallon every 2 cycles-the idea is to pour the water into the soap dispenser as the washing machine fills-must be better than just tipping it down the sink?-i'm just wondering how the washing machine determines its water level-would adding water at the dispenser over fill the drum or does the machine detect the level of water as it fills?
  3. I live in a hard water area so was wondering if I could use the water from my (condenser) tumble dryer in my washing machine-if so could I simply pour it into the soap tray as the machine fills?-how does my washing machine determine the water level?
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