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  1. Hi, Thanks to your advice, I have now had my tumble dryer repaired. The excessive soap suds continue in the washing machine which is driving me mad, Are you able to advise me on if it is possible to buy a "frost free intigrated freezer " I am having difficulty finding one . Many Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the reply re . my tumble dryer putting bedding into a ball, as you predicted it is only turning one way with no reverse action, so I shall phone hoover up as it is insured, but under guarantee anyway.SO THANK YOU for your straight forward excellent advice. With regards to the washing machine the drum is turning faster than i thought it should for a wool wash but not as fast as a spin , however the drum does not rotate as i mentioned ( just like the tumble dryer only turning one way, i shall observe it on other programmes to see if it rotates. many thanks. p.s. is this site advertised or do people just hit on it by putting the problem on google like i did ?
  3. Hi, The netting is not restricting the pipe or flow, the water appears to be pumping out at a good speed. I bought detergent tablets to try but they did not really help, even using 1/2 of the recomended amount. I have noticed that the excessive suds start very quickly into the wash cycle. i also noticed on the wool wash that the machine turns very rapid , but only one way, ( the wool wash on the previous machine was static more or less , just turning once every few minutes. ) I also need to go into your site for tumble dryers as the new one i have puts the bedding into a ball therefore not drying it properly. I have a high cystern toilet , and when i use my washing machine this makes a noise, I have never given this much thought but am now looking at all possibility,s. many many thanks.
  4. Thank you for the helpful reply. I will try and check re. a blockage. The washer does not pump into a spiggot as there is no sink near. what i do have however is wire netting which my husband placed practicaly under the pipe where the water comes out in order to catch fluff etc which comes out of the machine, maybe i should try removing this ( it does have quite a lot of fluff attached to it but does not appear to stop the flow of water released from the washing machine.) Many Thanks it is certainly a case of " a problem shared "
  5. Thank you for your reply, I can not think of anything that has changed, only the fact that it happened when i got the new mieli, the previous machine / machines did not have the suds problem. I do not know were to go from here except the water board, a plumber or bring the w. machine in the house. I am wondering if it could be one of the pipes blocked or maybe the pipes are to narrow ? or even the electrics, of course i have no idea i am just grasping at straws. i will now go onto your rinsing blog. thank you, you provide a fantastic service and i am sure others with problems would like to know about this web site.
  6. HI The water is medium hard, probably more hard.i do not have a water softner installed but have considered doing so. the neighbours i speak to do not have this problem and nor did i with previous machines, only since getting a new machine last january, Do you know if there is anything i can do, such as moving the w. machine. Thank you so much for your reply.
  7. hi,hope you can help me, in fact its your blog that is keeping me sane through the problem i am having, i purchased a new miele washing machine which would have been excellent but for the excessive soap suds it created, the more i tried to rinse them away the worse they became. I used to have to put the clothes on numerous washes or rinses to try and get rid of the suds. An engineer came to the machine but said there was no fault ( i tried different detergents and could only use small amounts, not enough to clean the clothes ) eventually the shop i purchased it from changed it and i chose a hotpoint, only to find to my horror ,the same problem although it is easier to get rid of the suds. I am wondering if the fault could be with the plumbing and not the washing machines? i have the w.m. in a converted coal house and wonder if i should bring it into the house ( the engineer said it should not be a problem were it is ) i am worried about going to the expense of this i.e. removing a cupboard , pluming and having a new electric socket put in ( i was told and have read that multy sockets should not be used.) only for the problem to remain. i would really appreciate your advice. many thanks.
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