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  1. Great, I'll probably leave it for now but listen out for over the next few washes for unusual noises!
  2. Thanks for the interest and reply! Here are a couple of pics: https://plus.google.com/photos/116218593452688680883/albums/5750897862101271489?authkey=CNjmxp_478OnmwE They are quite thick. On the second pic (the right hand side when looking at the door from inside the machine) you can see a black mark some distance from the end of the main mark which runs around the glass. I can't see any obvious sign of friction on the drum, no damage to the rubber, nothing loose, not noticed any noises etc. So perhaps it was a one-off heavy load? It looks like the glass can be replaced seperately from the door (there are several philips screws holding the door together), although I've no idea how much replacement glass would cost or where to get it.
  3. I have a 15 month old Hotpoint WDL520 Aquarius washing machine which works perfectly. But I've just noticed a large scratch on the internal glass of the door. You can feel it - it's like a groove has been scratched into it - ie it's not a crack. It's black, although the glass is clear. The scratch goes from 9 o'clock to 3'oclock, on the bottom half of the glass. There's no scratch on the top half of the glass; I'm guessing this is because of the shape of the internal glass - it's recessed on the top half. The only thing I can imagine which has caused this is the edge of the metal drum wobbling and banging into the door. If so, I don't know if it has happened over a period of time or on one particular wash. Can a large (or small) load cause this? I've googled and can't see it mentioned for any make of washing machine so I don't know if this is a common or a rare problem. I don't know very much about washing machines so I don't know how much the drum is supposed to move as it spins but it would seem to have to move a few inches to hit the door. What else could have caused it? Could heat be a factor? Before I took a good look I thought it had cracked in the heat but as I put it's more a rough scratch than a crack. I have a parts only warranty but I have no idea what it would cost to replace the door. And if it's the drum banging into the door then wouldn't it just happen again? I'm tempted to leave it, but hopefully someone on this forum might have some advice. Thanks in advance, Alex.