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  1. We managed to get it to do a wash today but not without problems. Had to set the programme, press start and then it made the pump start up but no water intake. Turned off using the on/off button on front of the machine, then turned it back on again and the water intake began straight away and the wash completed.although we did have to switch it off after it finished before the door got released. Something to do with signal not getting sent to the inlet valve maybe? If anybody knows how to test/fix please let me know thank you in advance for any help
  2. Thankyou for your reply cheked the water supply and that is ok started the machine agan and on water intake just the sound of the pump working. How can i test for other faults Any help will be much appreciated
  3. Our Beko WM5120 has been fine until the last day or so. Now, when we put it on to wash it don't appear to take any water into the drawer. I've checked the pipes and all appears to be fine, just that the machine won't take any in what so ever. Tried emptying the excess water from the filter at bottom of the machine, cancelled the programme and started a new one. The pump starts to kick in but again no water is taken in and so the pump just carries on until I turn it off or cancel the programme again. Any help will be much appreciated
  4. The red light for the door lock failed to light up so on removing the door interlock the terminals were slightly black so cleaned them up and replaced the door lock and everything worked fine. I now have the same problem but one terminal looks burnt,can you get replacement connecters and would that solve my problem or is it something else causing the problem. The machine is a Indesit washer dryer Any help or advice would be appreciated Thank You