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  1. Thanks Andy - just checking, the plastic spigot is the white long connector to the top left (just next to the black/yellow tape)?
  2. I've just bought our first house and the previous owner took the washing machine and tumble dryer with him. They were previously integrated appliances under a counter (and behind a cupboard) in the utility room. I can't see much selection for integrated appliances, so I'd rather go for free standing ones with the doors removed. However, the size available is W60xH88xD58 - which would be tight but could fit some 595mm width machines in it. Would I be ok with very little room around the washing machine and condenser dryer - i.e. very little ventilation? Another problem is that I can't actually see where I can plumb the machine in. It looks like there's a cold water feed (I assume!), but there's no waste water pipe?: The washing machine and tumble dryer are either side of a sink unit, which must have a cold water feed and waste pipe going to it - so it must work somehow. Here's a pic of the unit next to it: So, my questions are... Can I fit a freestanding unit in to that tight space (without any overheating problems)? How on earth do I connect this thing up, from what you can tell from the pics?