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  1. Thanks for the reply Andy. That's a shame as I could've repaired it cheaply if it wasn't welded. The machine is just under 4 years old so I have a year of the parts warranty left. This will cost me £119 for them to replace it, which although is cheaper than a new machine I'm wondering if it's worth it - do parts sell for much? I read a while ago about this model being one that explodes, which although it's unlikely to happen I've not trusted it since.
  2. The machine has become noisy and there is movement in the drum so the bearing has gone. I have stripped the machine down and the plastic tub looks to be in 2 halves but I can't separate them, are they welded? There are no screws to be seen so I'm thinking they are and the bearings can't be replaced.
  3. I tried the machine with the outlet hose in the bucket and it did a quick wash with nothing in there after leaving it turned off overnight. So I tried with some clothes and it worked for 3 wash loads, no draining problems. The missus then put some old towels and blankets in there that we use for the dogs, same amount as usual, 2 large blankets and 5 hand sized towels. It stopped halfway through before it put the conditioner in, but it drains the first two lots of water it puts through the machine. If I turn the machine off and then back onto drain it clears the water. I managed to split the load into two, rinse them and then spin. I tried a quick wash after this and it stopped halfway again with the LED blinking 3 times. I turned the machine off overnight and tried it this morning on a quick wash with no clothes, it did this ok with no issues. I have just done another quick wash with clothes and again it's fine. So I'm now thinking it might be something else cos if it was blocked somewhere how comes it's draining and finishing a cycle sometimes and others it's not. The fact I left it off overnight and then it works in the morning is making me think it might be another issue.
  4. Thanks for the reply I have already taken that hose off and washed it out, so there is nothing obstructing this. I didn't see any small ball so will assume I don't have this fitted. How you've described the propeller is exactly what it's doing so sounds ok to me. As the pump is draining the water when I turn it off and back on would this imply it is working ok. Or could it not be pumping it out fast enough, which is causing the machine to stop? I did think it might have something to do when it adds the conditioner seeing that it stops just before adding it. However, if I put the machine on just a rinse cycle it still stops when it comes to draining it. I'll drain it in the bucket again tonight to see if anything else comes out. I'm reluctant to call anyone out to look at it though as the machine is otherwise working fine so I'm hoping it is just a blockage somewhere. The only thing I haven't done is taken the outlet pipe out of the machine completely to flush it through. So I guess there could be a chance of something being stuck in the part of the hose that is inside.
  5. I have read the topic on the website and have tried all of the recommended steps. I started having problems with the machine not draining, it would stop the cycle (before the conditioner was put in) and the LED blinks 3 times. I removed the filter and cleaned that out along with the outlet hose. The part of hose from the washer I put into a bucket and alot came out including two big clumps of fibre/lime scale/washing powder. The other half of the hose (connected with a join) I took off from the sink and flushed it right out. I also cleaned all of the pipes under the sink. Also I removed the hose between the drum and filter housing and cleaned that. This worked for 3 washes and then the problem happened again. It will get so far on the cycle (regardless of which one is chosen) and then stop with water still inside. If I turn the machine off and then back on to drain the water pumps out. I removed the pump last night to check for any blockages and it was ok. I did notice when I spin the propeller by hand there is resistance. It spins around without stopping but isn't smooth...is this normal? I'm going to put the outlet hose into a bucket again tonight just in case there is something else stuck that didn't come out last time. I have a feeling it might be the pump that is at fault though. I can get a new one from Hoover for free as the machine is less than 5 years old but I need to pay £110 (I think) labour. The pump to buy is just under £30 so if it is that it's quite a difference in price. I just don't want to replace it and I still have the problem. Thanks