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  1. Samsung Or Zanussi

    Thanks for the reply are jet system and Eco Bubble just gimmicks? We had a hoover nextra washer/dryer and it never washed or dried, so i guess anything is better than that
  2. Hi we need a new washer asap we've got it down to two, a Samsung Ecobubble WF1804WPU or a Zanussi Jetsystem ZWJ14591W we can't find any true independent reviews, and which? are old reviews that seem to dislike Zanussi, the ones they reviewed score low but aren't jet system the Samsung looks like a bush cd player, but it's supposed to be a good wash (so the user reviews on boots say) Samsung 5 year P & L guarantee Zanussi 1 year P & L guarantee What is it with washing machines and the internet, big shops seem to have hijacked the search engines, it's easier to find reviews on graphics cards that washers