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  1. Hi I have an Electrolux washer, however a couple of days ago it seemed to start working fine when empty, however it does not seem to work when we put clothes in it. I put in a Jacket and it went part way through cycle and then seemed to reset itself back to start of programme and hold itself there. I tried to spin my jacket (13 minute programme) but machine spun slowley for about 1 minute, stopped for about 1 minute, then slowley again. ( we tried this twice) , and at about the 4 - 5 minute mark again it seemed to reset back to start of programme (ie spin )and hold itself there I turned machine off, took jacket out, and set to spin whilst empty, and it wizzed round no problem. Waited for it to stop, put jacket in....same senario as above 1 min spin 1 min stop. Took jacket out, reset to spin, and lo and behold spinning like a spinning top from the 70s. Finally we set a wash programme (empty) and it seemed to go throughwhole cycle no problem. So...Is my washer allergic to clothes. Thankyou all... PS. I have bet my wife that I can solve this before she rings a washer repair man....so my faith is in you...