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  1. Hoover New Wave - Error E1 Paradox?

    Andy When it stops, it has been draining water for about 8 to 10 seconds. We checked all the hoses around the pump and to the trap under the sink and they were all clear. We found that there was resistance to trying to turn the pump by hand, but assumed that this was down to the strong magnets/coils. Still don't understand why it should fail of pumping out on any of the wash programs but works fine on the two spin programs! Don't know if this is the stage I give up and go and get another machine. According to Which? the Hotpoint WMPF742 rates as one of their Best Buys, but at under half the price of the LG and Miele machines that top the list. Robert
  2. Hoover New Wave - Error E1 Paradox?

    Finally got round to taking the machine apart and found an old mortice key on the inflow to the wasteflow pump! Removed this and also checked the outflow pipe (all clear), but still getting the same error E1 about 10 seconds after the machine tries to empty after the wash cycle. Regards Robert
  3. On a Hoover New Wave 1100 model AC170. Over the last week I have been getting error E1 when trying to carry out a wash. I normally run program 5 (non-fast coloureds). When I ran the program today, I noticed that the error came up about ten seconds after the main wash cycle, as it was starting to empty. I re-ran it on a different program, and again it stopped about ten seconds into the emptying cycle. I changed the program to a fast spin, and the machine emptied correctly without any error, and ran the spin cycle fully. Not sure therefore where the fault is and how much further testing I can do before trying to take the machine apart. Any suggestions?