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  1. Hi all, Thanks for letting me join these forums! I am after some help sourcing a part for my washing machine. We recently found out that the reason for our CMD146 Smart Washer Dryer has largely stopped working is because of a chaffed flat ribbon cable (about 1 metre long). This cable runs from the module which is situation bottom rear of the machine and runs tightly with other cables to the top rear via cable tidies to the front control board and so needs to be around a metre in length. After looking into this and speaking to several suppliers. Each time I've been told they cannot tell me the size of the cable or the cable is around 0.3m long. I later took the plunge of a part from partmaster.co.uk (unknown size but assured it was the right part) and on arrvial I was disappointed to find it was around 30cm long. I've spoken with Candy genunine parts and they instantly assumed I needed the harness set of cables but its definately not the case. At the moment I have sent them the same pictures as below. I've attached pictures of the said cable including the incorrect supplied. In terms of written information on the damaged cable - it is as follows - E111235 AV AWM Style 2651 300v 105oC VW-1 LL89862 CSA AWM I A/B 300V 105oC FT1 Any help would be greatly appreciated and in all honesty, if someone was able to help supply the part I would happily pay over the odds for it!