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  1. Hi all, Newbie here, opened up my condenser dryer to find my belt had got mangled around the pulley assembly. Damage has been done to the pully - so need to replace it and i'll do the belt at the same time. Has anybody out there got some tips for me - looks tricky to remove the pulley - as the extractor fan unit connected to the motor spindle is in the way. first attempt appears tricky to remove the extractor - have removed locking nut - but still a bit stiff - didnt want to yank it and break something else -so any tips here ? also just wanted to check that there's only a single pulley on these dryers i.e. no idler pulleys - the main pulley got pretty damaged - so not sure what other parts got broke behind it. The reason i ask, is the belt has plenty of slack - so its probably got stretched - but i just wanted to check. Any help very welcome. Dogs