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  1. Washing machine (Miele W 754 S) wont drain when full but will drain and spin when most of the water has been removed! If the water is removed manually, it will then spin ok. Also, once the pump is going I can recycle all the water that I've just removed from the drum, into the powder inlet and it will drain the lot) Worked fine for years up until a few days ago. I've checked: - The pump is working. - The filter is clear. - Five tubes connected to filter: -- Inflow to filter - Clear -- Outflow, filter to base of drum - Clear -- Outflow, small tube for emergency emptying - Clear -- Outflow to drain hose - Clear -- Inflow from side of drum (Is this an overflow?) - Clear The filter did have coins and hair-grips in it which I removed. It was also stuck solid with limescale which I've de-limescaled. There was also lots of gunk that I've cleared. I've also read through the tip: "washing machine not emptying the water" which was very useful. Cheers Neil