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  1. Indesit W143 Flashes 10 Times

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the link. So beyond checking all the contacts & connectors, what would my next step be in diagnosing the fault here? I'm guessing you can't tell me if the connectivity on the pressure switch terminals is correct or not? Cheers Chris
  2. HI, I have an Indesit W143 which has been in storage for a number of years, after only being used a few times since new. Having now moved house the washer has been fitted and was fine for a few washes however it has now developed a fault. The timer clicks round continuously - I have tried the reset procedure several times with no success, the programmer continues to click round The unit now flashes 10 times (uncertain if it has flashed more or less than this at any point but it's now consistently 10 flashes). This indicates as far as I can tell a pressure switch fault or possibly a cold fill issue? I have followed the guides you have available - very useful, thank you! I have removed the pressure switch to test - There are 4 contacts on the pressure switch which connect to a 4 pin (5 wires in fact - one is doubled) connector in the washer. With the pressure switch oriented with the pressure tube pointing down (as it is when fitted to the machine) I get continuity between the far left 1st contact (nearest the plastic adjuster screws) and the 3rd contact when no pressure is applied. When pressure is applied continuity is lost between 1st & 3rd but contacts 2, 3 & 4 all show continuity (I do however need to blow a little beyond the point where the switch clicks) Does this sound like correct operation of the switch? Any help much appreciated - I can't afford to call anyone out to look at this & my neighbour must be getting fed up doing our washing by now!! Cheers Chris