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  1. Bosch Wis24140Gb Pumping Problem

    Hi guys, (two years after the post but...) I currently have the New Bosch WAS32760 Washing Machine. I have checked all the u-bends filters etc etc but my machine is doing exactly the same (and its only 1 month old!). It starts the spin cycle at the end of the wash part, and then like someone else, suds come pouring down the front of the glass door. It then stops, and says that I have added too much detergent and runs additional rinse cycles. The problem is, that the machine has now been replaced and the new (same model) is doing the exact same thing. I cut down my detergent usage to almost nothing, and realised that actually it only "THINKS" Ive used too much detergent because it "THINKS" what is happening is caused by suds. The issue is undergoing some sort of research by Bosch, but they keep wanting to send engineers round to have a look at the machine. My retailer is an absolute star and are trying to help sort this out. I love the machine, it matches my dryer (part of the reason I bought it) but does anyone have any tips on suggesting how to approach Bosch to tell them that its quite possible the pump is NOT powerful enough to cope with the water extracted from a 9kg Load!!?? All they seem to want to do when I talk to them is send an engineer round to identify the problem..... Thanks!
  2. The True Life Of A Bosch?

    Hi guys - just thought I would put a spanner in the works. Firstly, I woulld like to point out that when I moved out of my family home 10 years ago - I bought Zanussi Products. (I am Italian and all the Italians had Zanussi!!!) Dishwasher was replaced 3/4 times because of one problem or another, fridge freezer was replaced twice, washing machine had a repair, and the only thing that didnt need an engineer was my tumble dryer. So, when I eventually got my money back for all my appliances and some compensation too, I decided to splash out on Bosch. I have to say that they all lasted me (Washing machine, Dryer, Dishwasher and Fridge Freezer) about 7 years before I handed them down to various members of my family to upgrade to bigger drums, more efficient machines etc etc!! So here's me telling you about my new Bosch products. Above someone mentioned about the silver touch buttons - yes, they dont ALWAYS respond when you press them, and if you are in a hurry, press start on the machine, and run out the door to work - you will have a bit of a surprise to see that there is still 2 hours left on the machine when you get home - the start button didnt respond and I didnt wait around long enough to make sure the machine started! They dont "remember" the options you use, so this is really annoying when you have to keep setting the temperature, spin speed, additional options such as extra rinse if you have sensitive skin - lets face it, if you have sensitive skin you're gonna need an extra rinse on ALL THE TIME!!!! My biggest bug is the dryer - it was new out on the market and what a mistake I made when I purchased it. It was the Heat Pump dryer - using 40% LESS energy than an "A RATED" machine! Wow, i thought to myself, think of the savings, but they cost at the time £700! Its now 2.5 years old, needed three repairs and the problem still isnt fixed. Whilst the engineer was round the last time, I decided to grill him further about Bosch. I have found out that not many (if ANY!) of the Bosch tumble dryers reverse tumble. They only go in one direction, have a sealed door so that you can not see this, and stop every so often to make you THINK that its reversing when in fact it isnt. THATS why my sheets clump into one big ball and are still wet in the middle! The other thing I asked him is where they are made as I had heard through the grapevine that they were no longer made in Germany - Well, you'll be surprised to know that unless they state "Made in Germany" - they ARENT! Spain, Poland and China mainly. My washing machine is also 2.5 years old, but it has a distribution problem - if the clothes arent distributed EXACTLY to the standard of the machine, it simply wont spin. So once again, you come home from work and have to put the machine on another spin, even another two because the sensor is so sensitive, it wont spin. My Fridge Freezer has had some parts like a door handle and freezer drawer because they broke. These are only my experiences, but please - do your research... I am left out of pocket and VERY disappointed....