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  1. hi andy i have read the advice but i am still none the wiser as to where the brushes are i have taken the back off my machine and can see the motor but i cant see where the brushes are located have i got to take the motor off to examine them ? thanks
  2. thanks andy i have looked at the link and i would like to check to see if the brushes are worn, as this looks like the only option i have, would you know how i would get to the brushes? thanks again
  3. hi im looking to get some help with my washer dryer its a hoover 1200 the prolem is it fills up with water and makes the usual noises but it wont start washing i have checked the fan belt which seems ok, also when i put it on dryer mode it heats up but again no movement with the drum? has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be? just a note it drains the water out ok so it looks like the pump is maybe working, any answers would be greatly appriciated thankyou