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  1. Hi Andy, Again many thanks for your assistance. I had a detailed look at the PCB, but did not see anything obviously wrong. However, on testing again (with an amp meter in series with the element), the machine is now heating the water during the wash cycle. Therefore, I can only assume there was a poor connection on one of the points on the PCB. I noticed that my machine heats during the wash aspect of the program but does not heat during any of the rinse aspects of the program. Is this normal operation for any machine? Many thanks
  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. Yes I have checked the troubleshooting guide (washing machine not heating water) and read the related forum message (Bosch Wfr3267Gb/04 Not Heating). I am sure that water is not heating as I have checked the waste water temp after the wash cycle. In the related forum message PUP79 put a short circuit on the NTC wires back to the PCB and it produced a "temperature too hot" message. I have tried the same, but did not get any message. The machine continued through the wash cycle as normal. I checked resistance on these wires back to the PCB and am getting approx 3.5K. so they appear to be connected OK to the PCB. While I had the drum out, I cleaned the limescale from the NTC and the element. I have checked resistance of both afterwards, but is it possible that cleaning could have caused a problem. Visually I cannot see any issues and they test OK I still suspect that I did not connect something correclty etc after re-installing the drum. Is there anything other than the NTC, the element, the pressure switch and the PCB involved in the heating system on a machine> Many thanks for all assistance
  3. Hi, I have a Bosch Classix 1400 washing machine WFO2867Gb/01 that does not heat the water. There are no error codes and the wash goes through in normal time. This problem only occurred after I changed the bearings on the machine. Therefore I suspect it is something I did not connect correctly or caused some damage while working on the drum. I have checked the element and the NTC and both are working as expected, I have proved continuity of the NTC wiring back to the PCB and also the element wiring back to the PCB and pressure switch. The pressure switch appears to be working OK - 2 different connections are made depending on the pressure applied. What else is involved in the heating system of the machine or is it possible to get diagrams on the wiring layout? Thanks in advance for any information