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  1. Diplomat Apm8542/2 - Bearings Gone

    Many thanks for your prompt reply, Andy. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi there, Last night my washing machine (Diplomat 8542/2) starting making a really loud noise, almost as if it was about to blow up. I stopped the machine and took the clothes out which were all marked with the same pattern as the drum. When I spin the drum by hand it is turning but feels a bit stiff. I called a local washing machine repair company who have told me that this is definitely a bearings fault and that it would be uneconomical to fix and I'd be better purchasing a new machine. Confirmation of this would be much appreciated before I pay out on a new one. Also, the current machine is integrated (I believe it was from MFI) - would most electrical companies have machines that would fit the integrated slot easy enough and, as I'm not the best at these things, would most companies fit it for me (i.e. put existing cupboard door fixings on the new machine etc)? Many thanks VE