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  1. Thanks...the test programme worked fine and did not indicate any errors. It took a couple of minutes to fill, rotate, drain, spin and then stopped as if at the end of a normal programme. I ran an empty 90 degree wash soon after - I checked the glass every 5 minutes and it was stone cold. No idea what's happening. I've got to assume it's working OK, but I've definitely felt the glass get hot before. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi - thanks for your reply. It does go through the full cycle in, I think, the normal time. Laundry is clean but glass doesn't feel warm at any point in the cycle. I think we're just washing at cold temp
  3. Hi - 1st post, so please be gentle! I suspect there is a heater issue with my Hoover Nextra HNL2126. I have read your general questions on faults. The water stays at ambient temp whatever temp is programmed. even on a 90 degree wash. The door only has a single glazed so you should be able to feel it get hot. It has definitely felt hot in the past. I did google the problem and it seems I should get an error code (flashing lights) if there was an issue with the element or thermostat. Is it worth fitting a new element or do you think there may be something else? Thanks for your help