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  1. Hi - looking for a bit of advice on buying a washer/dryer Out Hotpoint WD63 has packed up for the last time (not even 3 years old but has required numerous engineer visits and I'm fed up paying £40 a pop for new heat fuses. Anyway, I digress...) Due to space constraints, we need another combined washer/dryer, so I have been reading through your advice and seeing whats out there and have narrowed down the choices to either a Zanussi ZWD1272 (£399, 2yr warranty) or a John Lews JLWD1406 (£499, 3 year warranty), both from John Lewis. I'm looking for advice on which of these you would chose? The JL one obviously has the longer warranty but costs more, so I factored in getting 5 year warranties on both to level the playing field a bit (Zanussi +£169, total £568. JL +£109, total £608). I'd probably not be going for the 5 year warranty as I have a bit of aversion to paying for extended warranties on principle. So I guess the question is this - Is the JL machine worth the extra? I see from your advice they are practically Zanussi machines anyway, so is it really worth it? Would be grateful for your thoughts... Thanks Doug