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  1. do you have a guide for replacing the pulley? is it an expensive or difficult job? i work with building offshore equiptment and electronics so am fairly skilled at things like this but have never had a washer dryer go faulty before!
  2. i have taken this video so you can see for yourself, it seems to be more play than i initially thought. as you can see, when i turn the nut, the drum turns without much hesitation, more likely to be a worn pulley? the machine itself is less than 3 years old.
  3. Thank you for the help article, it seems to be that my drum pulley has come slightly loose(a couple of mm away from drum), although the bolt is solid in place. How should i go about retightening the bolt? Cheers for the help Neil D
  4. I Recently had my drive belt slip off on my Candy CMD146 Washer-Dryer which i managed to refit without much trouble, then two days later the belt was split in two right round the whole circumference of the belt. I have now purchased a new belt which fits perfectly (Not too tight, not more than a quarter inch play in the belt where it isnt connected to the motor or drum), however it slips off the drum wheel towards the drum after only 2-3 revolutions by hand! this is getting very frustrating as i can see no reason for this to be happening and Myself and my girlfriend are running out of clean clothes! Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Neil D P.S. i did have a peruse through some of the similarly titled topics but none seemed to be quite the same problem and/or setup as mine and were therefore irrelevant.