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  1. Hi your quite right it could the sump needs flushing BUT iv seen old drains get blocked with leaves ,that create a bad gas that gos still through the traps and up through the sink .Try the drains first they may have a small blockage.
  2. Hi Andy great idea about a news letter and blog your site has got nothing on the other service sites. Its good to talk to other service eng that have encountered strange or repeat problem with cookers,washing machines,dishwashers.
  3. Hi just HAD A talk with one of my friends you may be not prog the machine correctly is the machine second hand ?
  4. HI this sounds like a pump problem,the machine gos into a spin but comes out wet ? so the pump is not working or its jamed with rubbish.It possible the motor pump could be knackered .
  5. Hi now this may sound a little stupid but could the GLUG SOUND be the water going into the sink connector / water dranage when the pump drains the water from the machine.
  6. I was called out to a Hotpoint Aquarius WF 541, there had already had a so called service man out to repair the machine Fault is as follows 1/ switch on machine at start button all lights flash and keep flashing Machine does nothing .Now the water pressure is ok ,door lock ok Now the nice man who came out said it was a rare fault and the motor was faulty.NO WRONG !After a new motor and the job bounced the real problem was The on button and cancel button JAM TOGEATHER. confusing the micro .New buttons solved the problem and the machine is going still strong .I hate cow boys that rip people off .
  7. Hi no its not broken just my daughter bought a Bush and asked me how easy are they to repair..Im pleased to say that all the parts for Bush are easy to obtain.
  8. Hi I agree Andy the impeller could be obstructed by a hair band seen this fault before but with a samsung.I had to remove the pump housing to get to the motor and the impeller.
  9. Hi does any one have any information on Bush machines sold by Argos ,Homebase please ?.
  10. HI just a throught but if the dish washer and machine are side by side then there will be a drop in pressure as one item will be more stronger,For example if the d/w and the W) machine are on at the same time and you try to use the shower there will be a massive pressure drop on the water supply.The shower then cuts out lights flashing saying low pressure see what im driving at.
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